About Amanda Wayama

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International Communications Officer, Iwate Prefecture
In Iwate since 2009, Amanda is just about used to the cold Iwate winters. She likes spending her free time knitting (again, cold winters) and sampling craft beer from the region.

March 2018

  • 03.19.18 NEWS Advanced science research is at a crossroads in Japan: with the national budget at a plateau, neutrino science is being prioritized
  • 03.16.18 NEWS Panel of Experts working group looks into regulations and risks of the ILC
  • 03.12.18 NEWS Students at Okutama Elementary School study in preparation for the ILC
  • 03.09.18 NEWS Oshu City middle school students present on science study field trip in Tsukuba (c/o Oshu ILC Promotion Division)
  • 03.07.18 NEWS Cuisine, Interpretation, Children’s Pictures: Tanko area also supporting ILD meeting (c/o Oshu ILC Promotion Division)
  • 03.06.18 NEWS Preparation for ILC Making Progress: Iwate Pref. University President Suzuki Presents at ILD Meeting (c/o Oshu ILC Promotion Division)
  • 03.05.18 NEWS 63 Iwate/Miyagi companies gather for an exhibition in Ichinoseki
  • 03.01.18 THE KITAKAMI TIMES Students at ILC Promotion Model Schools hope for the ILC
  • 03.01.18 NEWS Getting the ILC into European Plan: Deadline for Inclusion is December 18 (c/o Oshu ILC Promotion Division)
  • February 2018

  • 02.26.18 NEWS An interview with Ties Behnke, leader of the ILD team which had its conference in Ichinoseki – “It was important to hold it at the candidate site for the ILC”