About Amanda Wayama

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International Communications Officer, Iwate Prefecture
In Iwate since 2009, Amanda is just about used to the cold Iwate winters. She likes spending her free time knitting (again, cold winters) and sampling craft beer from the region.

July 2019

  • 07.16.19 NEWS The Ichinoseki Mayor makes suggestion to FDMILC Chief about using the old NEC location for ILC purposes
  • 07.10.19 NEWS Students at Ichinoseki Higashi Middle School gain a deeper interest in particle physics – A physicist from KEK comes for a talk
  • 07.09.19 NEWS The Iwate Future-Design Organization holds a discussion about the ILC in Morioka
  • 07.03.19 NEWS At their annual meeting, the Tohoku ILC Promotion Council adopts a resolution calling for the national government to make a decision on the ILC
  • June 2019

  • 06.21.19 NEWS The Tohoku ILC Promotion Council meets with the national government to urge them to make a speedy decision on the ILC
  • 06.19.19 NEWS The Iwate Prefecture ILC Promotion Council pledges to strengthen their efforts to petition the national government for the ILC
  • 06.18.19 NEWS Petitioning the national government’s support for the reconstruction and the ILC – The Governor and mayors of Iwate visit Tokyo
  • 06.17.19 NEWS Contest for the ILC! Winners to be sent on a trip to CERN
  • 06.14.19 NEWS A seminar held in Morioka about policies to reduce the costs of ILC construction
  • 06.12.19 NEWS Nine organizations from southern Iwate and northern Miyagi go to the LDP to petition for the ILC