About Amanda Wayama

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International Communications Officer, Iwate Prefecture
In Iwate since 2009, Amanda is just about used to the cold Iwate winters. She likes spending her free time knitting (again, cold winters) and sampling craft beer from the region.

January 2019

  • 01.18.19 NEWS Iwate Nippo’s Survey on local interest in the ILC – 62% of respondents interested in the project, and 32% hope for a jobs increase
  • 01.16.19 NEWS 270 million yen allotted for ILC-related items in national budget for FY2019
  • 01.14.19 NEWS The Tohoku ILC Promotion Council visits with the national government to urge them to build the ILC
  • 01.11.19 NEWS Minister of MEXT says they will pay close attention to international trends – the national government to make a decision on the ILC in 2019
  • 01.10.19 NEWS Following the SCJ report, Diet members to strengthen their calls on the national government to host the ILC
  • 01.09.19 NEWS Researchers remain optimistic following the SCJ’s report – final decision rests with national government
  • 01.08.19 NEWS SCJ submits their report to MEXT – “We are not currently at a point where we can support the ILC”
  • December 2018

  • 12.20.18 NEWS Science Council not to support construction of International Linear Collider in Japan (Mainichi)
  • 12.18.18 NEWS SCJ to hold its Board of Directors meeting on December 19th – possible last stage for the ILC?
  • 12.17.18 NEWS Hon. Tetsuo Saito of the Komeito Party talks about the ILC in Iwate – “This will lead to new industries”