Urge for an Early Decision: Request from Federation of Oshu City Councilors to Invite the ILC Diet ILC Federation

The original article was published in the Tanko Nichinichi. Read the original here.

Federation of Oshu City Councilors to Invite the ILC (Chairman Tadashi Watanabe, composed of all 27 city councilors) presented a request concerning the International Linear Collider to Chairman Takeo Kawamura of the Federation of Diet Members to Promote the Construction of the ILC. Chairman Kawamura, who met the group in the Second Members’ Office Building of the House in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, said “I would like to work hard together with everyone [in Tohoku] to bring the ILC to Japan.”

Along with Chairman Watanabe, the visiting group from Oshu included Mr. Shigeshi Onodera (vice chairman), Mr. Ikuo Sato (chief secretary), Mr. Tomio Hirono, Mr. Atushi Chiba, Ms. Keiko Sugawara, Ms. Kayoko Abe, Mr. Kazuyoshi Uchida, Mr. Kiyoshi Kato, and Mr. Yoshikazu Sugawara. The group was also accompanied by Oshu ILC Promotion Division Director Asahida.

The request handed to Chairman Kawamura listed the significance and positive benefits of inviting the ILC, and local activities in Oshu as part of the candidate site. The request stated, “We want the Japanese government to make an early statement to invite the ILC to Japan, and a framework to be developed for this international project led by Japan. We call for the further assistance [from the ILC diet federation].”

Requests with similar contents were handed to Chairman of the Special Committee on Promotion of Science and Technology, and Innovation Mr. Toru Kikawada and to other diet members elected from Iwate.

After the meeting ended, Chairman Watanabe responded to a phone interview for Tanko Nichinichi, saying that the group talked with Mr. Kawamura for about 30 minutes after explaining the request. “Chairman Kawamura told us he wanted to work hard together with everyone. We also talked about the inevitable cost for the host region for building related facilities in the area, and the need to support the ILC project within Tohoku and throughout Japan. We gave him Oshu’s ILC vision, which has just been completed, and we able to convey to him the efforts made and passion Oshu has for the ILC.”