Ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum. My heart is beating quickly. Huff huff huff. It’s hard to breathe. The people who go through this pain and run are insane. Or, they might be super human.

Many marathon events were held in the southern Iwate districts, such as the Ihatovo Hanamaki Half Marathon, Iwate Oshu Kirameki Marathon, Kahoku Shinpo Kinshuko Marathon, Kanegasaki Marathon, Ichinoseki International Half Marathon, Hanaizumi Marathon and the Iwate Kitakami Marathon, in which the super humans participated.

One day, one of the super humans had a thought. If we connected each marathon event in a point rally, wouldn’t more people participate? Let’s make southern Iwate the mecca of marathons. …well, it’s hard to say if that’s what actually happened, but in 2018, the Iwate Ken-nan Legend Runners began.

Ryusuke Murao, The Land of Hope Iwate Cultural Ambassador and a marathon runner participating in events around the world, was instated as a race producer and is in charge of supervising operations and improving the program.

Participants in the Iwate Ken-nan Legend Runners program receive increasingly better titles and prizes for every marathon they participate in within the southern Iwate region. The organizer of this program is the Southern Iwate Regional Sports Cooperation Business Executive Committee, which is composed of 8 southern Iwate cities and towns and the prefectural Regional Promotion Bureaus.

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Due to the spread of coronavirus, many events were cancelled or postponed. In southern Iwate, most of the marathons were cancelled.

Amidst this situation, the Iwate Ken-nan Legend Runners program is holding online events for the fans.

This year, the following events were held.

「Plogging Day」

This is a new sport from Sweden and involves picking up trash while jogging. It is good for both personal and environmental health.

「Flower Viewing RUN」「Fall Leaves RUN」

In southern Iwate, there are many famous places to view flowers. It is refreshing to run while viewing the beautiful flowers in all four seasons.


「Gourmet RUN」

There are also many gourmet spots in southern Iwate. Run to burn off the calories after eating!

「Everyone’s home run!」

In the final event for the year, participants are asked to run their home courses, or courses they always wanted to run, and post their feat on social media.

Iwate Ken-nan Legend Runners is a unique initiative of southern Iwate. Please take a look at the official website and SNS as there will be articles about the events.

For those who are interested, please participate in the marathons in southern Iwate.







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