general-pamphletLeaflet for general audiences

The International Linear Collider
Iwate Prefectural Government, Office of Science & ILC Promotion
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researchers-pamphletLeaflet for researchers

Welcome to the Kitakami Site!
Iwate Prefectural Government, Office of Science & ILC Promotion
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Messages from Nobel Laureates in Physics

Hoping for the ILC to be sited in Japan
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bigbangTohoku Big Bang

Tohoku ILC Promotion Council
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The Kitakami Times PDFs

ktimes01The Kitakami Times Issue #1 (Sep 2015)

English: ktimes01
Japanese: ktimes-jpn01

ktimes02The Kitakami Times Issue #2 (Oct 2015)

English: ktimes02
Japanese: ktimes-jpn02

ktimes03The Kitakami Times Issue #3 (Nov 2015)

English: ktimes03
Japanese: ktimes-jpn03

ktimes04The Kitakami Times Issue #4 (Dec 2015)

English: ktimes04
Japanese: ktimes-jpn04

kitakamitimes-gogaiThe Kitakami Times Issue Special Edition (Nov 2015)

Dr. Atsuto Suzuki of Iwate Prefectural University and KEK wins the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
English: ktimes-drsuzuki-eng
Japanese: ktimes-drsuzuki-jpn

ktimes23The Kitakami Times Issue #23 (Sep 2016)

English: ktimes-23
Japanese 日本語: ktimes-jpn23

ktimes24The Kitakami Times Issue #24 (Oct 2016)

English: ktimes-24
Japanese 日本語: ktimes-24jpn

onlineThe Kitakami Times Issue #25 (Nov 2016)

English: ktimes-25
Japanese 日本語: ktimes-25jpn