In addition to taking the following steps in accordance with privacy protection laws, the Iwate Prefecture ILC Promotion Council is making efforts to ensure the security of this website.

What is personal information?

Personal information is any information collected by Iwate Prefecture through this website that can be used to identify an individual (address, name, telephone number, email address, etc.).

About the collection of personal information

As a rule, when personal information is collected by Iwate Prefecture through this site, it shall be provided (registered) intentionally by the user him or herself. When personal information is collected, the purpose of that collection and the scope of that purpose will be clearly indicated.

Limitations on the use or provision of personal information

The personal information provided (registered) by users shall be used within the scope of the purpose indicated at the time of collection.
Personal information will not be used or provided for any other purpose without the provider’s consent. With the exception of the situations outlined in the appropriate privacy protection laws, personal information will not be used or provided for any other reason or purpose.

Management of personal information

Collected personal information will be strictly managed by the website manager, and all appropriate steps taken to prevent leaks, inappropriate release or tampering.