Date of Establishment

April 27, 2012

Details of Establishment

In order to attract the International Liner Collider (ILC) to Japan (and more specifically Tohoku), economic experts from Iwate formed a cooperative system between industry, academia, and public and private groups to found the Promotion Council. With the cooperation of 5 economic organizations, the Council is building national awareness of their bid to win the ILC nomination, as well as to promote improvements in Iwate’s research and lifestyle environments.


(1) The Council strives to deepen the understanding of the significance of the ILC and the kinds of research it will carry out, as well as carry out investigative studies to determine what municipal services and academic environments will be necessary to attract international research organizations to Tohoku and Iwate.

(2) The Council will investigate concrete strategies for developing Tohoku around the ILC. The economy of Tohoku and Iwate will be revitalized by the creation of an international scientific research city that will serve as a home base for cutting-edge science and technology and will lead to the formation of new industries.

Number of members (as of September 30,2014)

Corporations & Groups: 430
Individuals: 80
Total: 510 members

Board Members

Chairman: Kunihisa Yamura (Chairman of the Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry)

Activities thus far

The Council has made a variety of presentations in addition to ILC awareness-raising activities, lobbying, and investigative activities.

Applying for Membership

Membership is open to all who support and would like to participate in this Council’s activities.


Iwate Prefectural Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (attached to the Morioka Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Telephone: 019-624-5880 Fax: 019-654-1588