ILC Symposium “The Realization of the ILC and development of the surrounding region”

June 11, 2016

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

If the long-awaited ILC becomes a reality in Japan, then the surrounding region will evolve rapidly. The local governments in the region of the proposed Kitakami site are preparing to welcome researchers from across the globe. They’re also considering how to use the ILC in their town development plans as well questioning how to link the ILC with Japan’s policies aimed at building up regions that have been overlooked in favor of Tokyo, Osaka, or other major metropolitan areas.

June’s symposium will be kicked off with a keynote speech by Dr. Atsuto Suzuki, President of Iwate University and former director of KEK. Afterwards there will be a panel of mayors of the towns surrounding the Kitakami site. They will discuss how to fully utilize the area’s resources and functions in order to devise a grand vision for the project.

We look forward to your participation.


Z-Hall in Oshu City (Oshu City’s Cultural Hall)
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1. First session: Keynote Speech
“ILC and building up the regions outside of Tokyo”
Lecturer: Dr. Atsuto Suzuki, President of Iwate Prefectural University

2. Second session: Symposium
“A future picture of our towns with the ILC”
Coordinator: Prof. Masakazu Yoshioka (Guest professor at Iwate University and Tohoku University)
・Dr. Atsuto Suzuki (President of Iwate Prefectural University)
・Mr. Osamu Katsube (Mayor of Ichinoseki City)
・Mr. Yukio Aoki (Mayor of Hiraizumi Town)
・Mr. Yoichi Takahashi (Mayor of Kanegasaki Town)
・Mr. Masaki Ozawa (Mayor of Oshu City)
・Mr. Jun Sasaki (Executive Director of the Office of Science and ILC Promotion, Iwate Prefectural Government)






900 guests


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