Seminar for integrating the ILC for manufacturing businesses

February 9, 2016

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

“Will the ILC have an effect on my business?”
To answer that question, a seminar will be held in Kitakami City, about an hour north of the Kitakami ILC site. It will be focused on the manufacturing industry and possible ties to the ILC. Speakers will use their wealth of experience to talk about things to keep in mind when working with research facilities and the scientific community, like level of precision needed and what sort of work will be available.


Kitakami City – Infrastructure and Technology Support Center Training Room
北上市基盤技術支援センター研修会議室 (Kitakami-shi Kiban Gijutsu Shien Senta Kenkyu Kaigishitsu)
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Seminar 1

“What’s an accelerator? Accelerators seen from the manufacturing industry”
Iwate Industrial Promotion Center
Kenichi Ima, ILC/Industry/Academic Cooperation Coordinator

Seminar 2

“Transactions with the ILC: Learn how through case studies from Otsuka”
Michio Otsuka, President of Otsuka Co., Ltd.


20 people – first come first serve. It is free to attend, but there is a reception afterwards and admission to that is 4,000 yen.



How to apply

Fill out the form at this link, and return it by fax or email. (Sorry, JPN only)
Deadline – February 5, 2016 (Fri) by noon
You can also reserve a spot at the reception following.


Kudo at the Kitakami City Infrastructure and Technical Support Center
FAX:0197-67-3704 or E-mail:mono(at)