Seminar on Accelerator-related Industry in Iwate

January 27, 2016

1:30 pm - 7:00 pm

The Iwate Industrial Promotion Center is responsible for and currently carrying out projects that will promote accelerator-related industry in the prefecture. As part of those activities, they will be holding a seminar on accelerator-related industry in order to give create an opportunity for industry people, academics, and government officials to meet and talk with one another. We look forward to your participation.

Date and time

Seminar: January 27, 2016 (Wednesday) 1:30pm-5:15pm
Reception: 5:20pm-7pm


Hotel Higashi Nihon Morioka (3F)
3-3-18 Odori, Morioka City TEL: 019-625-2131


(Reception fee is 4,000 yen)

This event is for

People in business who are interested in research on accelerator-related industry that has been borne of a collaboration between industry/academia/government.
University researchers, government workers involved with the ILC, etc


200 people (Reservations will be closed after this limit is reached)


Fill out this form: 加速器関連産業参入セミナー申込書 (JPN) and fax it to 019-631-3830.


January 19, 2016 (Tue)


13:30 Opening

Opening speech by Mr. Hiroyuki Fujishiro, president of the Iwate Accelerator-related Industry Research Group

Seminar 1: “ILC Technology/Machinery – Current status and future development challenges”
Lecturer: Mr. Michio Kitamura, Senior consultant of Nomura Research Institute

14:30~14:35    Break

Seminar 2: “Case studies on companies going into accelerator-related industry”

“Case 1: Developing power apparatuses for electromagnets used in accelerators”
Lecturer: Mr. Haruo Kudo, managing director of Kudo Electronics Co., Ltd.

“Case 2: Developing electrochemical polishers for superconductive cavities within accelerators”
Lecturer; Mr. Yoshiaki Ida, managing director of Marui Electroplating Manufacturing, Co., Ltd.

15:55~16:05    Break

Seminar 3: “Initiatives of AAA, and manufacturing related to the ILC”
Lecturer: Mr. Masanori Matsuoka and Mr. Hiroyuki Yoshizumi, of the Advanced Accelerator Association Promoting Science & Technology (AAA)

Speech: Mr. Masakazu Yoshioka, visiting professor at Tohoku University and Iwate University and Professor Emeritus at KEK

Reception: Hotel Higashi Nihon Morioka, 3F


Manufacturing Promotion Group, Iwate Industrial Promotion Center (Contact: Murakami or Ima)
TEL:019-631-3825 E-mail:kenkyu(at)joho-iwate(dot)or(dot)jp