“100-person Committee for the ILC” to be formed on June 29th, with members coming from various backgrounds

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (June 22nd edition). Read the original here.

On June 21st, President Atsuto Suzuki of Iwate Prefectural University (also director of the Tohoku ILC Planning Office, and former director-general of KEK) stated he would form a “100-Person Committee for the ILC” made up of public figures and celebrities of many fields. A meeting will be held in Tokyo on June 29th, where they will plan how to raise enthusiasm for the ILC.

At a progress report for the ILC held in Ichinoseki City

At a progress report for the ILC held in Ichinoseki City, President Suzuki gave a seminar called, “The countdown to realizing the ILC in Japan.” Regarding the 100-person committee, he stated that the committee will be formally established in Tokyo on the 29th, with participation from experts from varied fields (science, economics, etc).

President Suzuki

He explained the gist of creating the committee: “The ILC will develop this region in a way that will link it to the rest of the world. The region will become a new model for the growth of Japan following the 2020 Olympics. I hope to increase enthusiasm for the project to be built here.” As we approach the deadline for the national government’s decision, “we have now graduated from a Tohoku-based effort into one that will require all of Japan to get behind it,” he said.