About Amanda Wayama

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International Communications Officer, Iwate Prefecture
In Iwate since 2009, Amanda is just about used to the cold Iwate winters. She likes spending her free time knitting (again, cold winters) and sampling craft beer from the region.

September 2021

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  • August 2021

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  • July 2021

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  • May 2021

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  • March 2021

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  • January 2021

  • 01.28.21 THE KITAKAMI TIMES 2020: A year of working for the ILC
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  • November 2020

  • 11.19.20 THE KITAKAMI TIMES Three Things to Look Forward To In The Cold Iwate Mountains!
  • September 2020

  • 09.14.20 NEWS The Iwate Prefecture ILC Promotion Council to give an online seminar on September 24th about the latest developments of the project