Developing the city with the ILC – the Oshu Chamber of Commerce gives their first proposal to the city government

The original article was published in the Iwate Nichinichi (July 30th edition). Read the original here.

On July 29th, the Oshu Chamber of Commerce submitted lists of proposals and requests to the government of the city of Oshu. It was their first attempt to produce a list of proposals, and within, they had suggestions on how to use the ILC to improve multiculturalism, the life of local citizens, and industrial technology, as well as how to develop the city to become a leading accumulator of accelerator-related industries. Within their list of requests, they asked for support in 6 different areas, including doing more to attract visitors.

Their list of proposals was called “Proposals to Develop a City that will Grow Along with the ILC.” Within, they listed up various points like
▽ Create a system for encouraging local businesses to get involved in the accelerator-related industry
▽ Initiatives for develop an industrial base for the accelerator-related industry
▽ Initiatives to improve the lives of citizens
Within their section on encouraging local businesses to get involved with the accelerator-related industry, they included ideas like: accumulating and making public the technology needed for ILC construction, providing information on the transportation, assembly, and installation of the accelerator, improving human resources training, and creating an environment that will encourage businesses to get involved with the ILC when it is in operation.

Within their list of requests, they had four items calling for the city to do more for local industrial development (like attracting visitors and constructing roads), and two items calling for more support for local businesses through support policies for small to medium enterprises.

They handed over the two documents at an opinion exchange held at the Mizusawa Sun Palace Hotel in Mizusawa, Oshu City. Chair Umimine of the Chamber of Commerce handed them over to Mayor Masaki Ozawa. Chair Umimine said, “I hope that the city develops policies that will give energy and hope to the people of Oshu.” Mayor Ozawa said, “I will do my best to achieve as many of these things as possible.”