Prefectural assemblymen petition the Iwate governor for ILC preparations and information

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (January 12th edition). Read the original here.

A delegation of assemblymen from Iwate Prefecture visited CERN in Switzerland last August in preparation for the International Linear Collider that could be built in Iwate. Those assemblymen (leader: Daisuke Kudo) gave proposals to Iwate Governor Tasso on January 11th regarding preparing the surrounding area for the ILC as well as how to convey information on the project.

Leader Kudo and 11 other assemblymen handed over their proposals to Governor Tasso at the Iwate Prefectural Office. There were 8 topics, including preparing an environment that would be hospitable to many diverse viewpoints and backgrounds, and increasing the amount of information being conveyed about the candidate site. They urged the governor to share more information with the residents of Iwate on both the pros and cons of the project, so that the ILC could fit in more harmoniously with local society.

Leader Kudo asked the governor to lead on a number of different initiatives, while Assemblywoman Mihoko Huxel said that, “Interpreting services are crucial for hospitals and schools. I think you should start with cooperating with international associations.”

Governor Tasso said, “We are in an important time right now for the ILC’s realization. We at the prefecture will accelerate the pace of our preparations.”