December’s Linear Collider Workshop 2016, held in Morioka City, Iwate, will be the perfect opportunity for us to share the charm of Iwate’s traditional culture. The Iwate Prefectural Government will be offering tours of local sake breweries and craft workshops for researchers, their accompanying family members and guests, and foreign residents of Tohoku.

There are three options during the week of December 5-9 for accompanying family, and one option on December 10 (Saturday) after the conference that researchers can attend. These tours are also open to foreign residents of Tohoku.

We hope you’ll join us and experience some of our good old-fashioned Iwate hospitality!

Deadline: November 27, 2016


Each tour will be a one day tour.

Max 20 people per tour (minimum 1 person)

We will provide bus transportation and English interpreting.

Courses during the week

These are a great idea for spouses/family of the researchers who will be attending LCWS during the week.

Northern Iwate #1 – December 6, 2016滴生舎

-Create lacquered chopsticks at Tekiseisha Lacquerware (in the simple Joboji-nuri style)
-Learn about our culture at Joboji History and Folk Culture Museum
-See how soba noodles are made at Maita Kobo (Lunch served here)
-Tour Nanbu Bijin Sake Brewery
-1,980 yen per person

南部鉄器Coastal Iwate – December 7, 2016

-Try making a cast iron wind chime at Iwachu cast ironworks
-Tour Asabiraki Sake Brewery
-Lunch at L’aureole Tanohata (a European style restaurant)
-Tour Senkin Sake Brewery
-1, 980 yen per person

めかぶそば 塩ダレ 野田ぱあぷるNorthern Iwate #2 – December 8, 2016

-Create lacquered chopsticks at the Appi-nuri lacquerware workshop
-Eat lunch at Koji-ya Motomiya (Miso producer)
-Visit Fusetsu Hana (Tofu maker)
-Tour Washinoo Sake Brewery
-1,980 yen per person

Course on Saturday, December 10, 2016

The LCWS conference ends on Friday, so this tour is perfect for researchers, their family, and foreign residents who work during the week!

hiraizumi02Southern Iwate – December 10, 2016

-Tour Tsukinowa Sake Brewery
-Visit Fujisato Woodworks (Iwayado style bureaus and chests)
-See Chuson-ji Temple, part of our World Heritage Site Hiraizumi (Lunch at Hiraizumi Rest House)
-Create wine glasses with lacquered bottoms at Marusan Lacquerware (in the elaborate Hidehira-nuri style)
-3,980 yen per person



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