Iwate Science Symposium

July 18, 2016

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Enjoy a day of science in Morioka City!!





Google maps – right outside the West exit of Morioka Station

About the Symposium


・A talk on science and technology projects in Iwate by Governor Tasso
・Special lecture –  “Searching for the origins of life”
・Panel discussion – “Making the region bright with the power of science”
*Reservations required for the symposium. See details below

Other events


・Exhibits on advanced science, like JAXA space development, JAMSTEC ocean research, and NHK’s “Cosmic Front Next”
・Special exhibit “Digital Globe” – look at our living, breathing world using a digital globe!
・Fuel Cell Vehicle MIRAI – Toyota’s MIRAI model, which uses a hydrogen-powered fuel cell, will be on display.
・MIZUNO Swing Tracer – Analyze your batting form!


Seminar by TV personality Sakana-kun : “Sanriku fish are cool!”

How to reserve

*You only need to make a reservation to attend the symposium.

Send an email by July 6, 2016 (Wed) to the following address with your name, workplace/school, phone number, and any other people you’re bringing along.

Email: AB0009(AT)


Science and ILC Promotion Division, Department of Policy and Regional Affairs
Iwate Prefectural Government

Check out the flyer!