Cover photo by Lucas Allmann from Pexels (stock photo).

In the chance that you visit Ichinoseki, I would like to introduce you to a few jazz spots. When I first arrived in Ichinoseki, I found a few cafes, restaurants and bars that had decorated their interiors with instruments and had sophisticated sound systems. I got the impression that this city takes its music seriously. I later realized that there is a world famous jazz bar here which has inspired many of the locals over the years to listen to jazz.

Jazz Bar BASIE

Renowned artists from Japan and around the globe such as Count Basie, Elvin Jones and Hank Jones have all visited Jazz Bar BASIE, one of Japan’s most famous jazz bars. Sadao Watanabe* performs here frequently. The sound systems are next level with higher ups at JBL traveling over to personally check the sound systems. Basie isn’t limited to jazz buffs or musicians, if you are like me and have no idea about jazz you can still enjoy the atmosphere and appreciate the music, it is also a popular tourist spot – perfect if your legs are tired and you want to chill and enjoy a coffee or alcoholic beverage.

*Sadao Watanabe is a famous Japanese musician

Jazz Bar Basie (Address: Iwate Prefecture,Ichinoseki City, Jishumachi 7-17; TEL:0191-23-7331)

This is a picture of the outside of the bar, I will not show you a picture of the inside just because I would love for you to come and experience the space first hand without any preconceived images. Feel the atmosphere – immerse yourself in the highest quality sounds, smell the coffee roast, and be transported to a difference space.

Café Morison

Another place inspired by jazz is Café Morison. It has a relaxed atmosphere serving both food and drinks (some would argue the best coffee in Ichinoseki), the pizza is great too (meals are served all day). The owner not only is very serious about his coffee but also his sound system (he even made his own amp) and jazz.

Both BASIE and Morison are quite close to Ichinoseki Station. Drop by next time you’re in town!




Jazz Bar Basie:日本で最も有名なジャズバーの一つで、カウントベイシー、エルビンジョーンズ、ハンクジョーンズなど、日本や世界中の有名アーティストが訪れました。渡辺貞夫(※)がここで時々演奏します。最高級のサウンドシステム、JBLを使っています。 Basieはジャズ・エキスパートやミュージシャンに限らず、私のように、ジャズがわからなくても音楽を楽しむことができます。人気のある観光スポットでもあります。

ジャズ喫茶 ベイシー(住所:岩手県一関市地主町7-17(TEL 0191-23-7331))
これはベイシーの外の写真です、中の写真はあえて見せません。ぜひ訪れ、雰囲気を感じてください - 最高品質の音に没頭し、コーヒーローストを嗅ぎ、別世界の空間を味わってください。