16,047 general participants, supporters report on activities

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo . Read the original here.

[Tokyo Branch Office]

The ILC Supporters, a group supporting the realization of the ILC in Iwate, held the ‘ILC Supporters’ Activity Report’ on June 7th in Tokyo. Since their inauguration on April 16th, 16,047 people have become ILC Supporters. In order to boost momentum toward the realization of the ILC, they will continue to broaden efforts to share information.

The organizer, film director Mr. Mamoru Oshii, and Professor Satoru Yamashita from the International Center for Elementary Particle Physics attended. The activities that were reported included publicity activities on the official website and calls for posting photos on social media with the logo sticker placed somewhere in the contents.

There were over 16,000 general supporters who participated via SNS posting and through signatures. With the addition of film director and manga artist Otomo Katsushiro, an announcement was made stating the number of prominent supporters had reached 55.

A talk show commenced with Mr. Oshii, Mr. Yamashita, animation director Mr. Hiroaki Takeuchi among others. Mr. Oshii emphasized that ‘I want to go back to the golden days of science. I want the ILC to exist for future generations.” Mr. Yamashita stated “for the realization [of the ILC], the Japanese Government needs to express their commitment this year. We need society to be enthused. I want support to spread nationwide by summer”.

Morioka Daiichi High School and Senmaya Junior High School students were broadcasted live and expressed their wish for the ILC’s realization.