The southern region of Iwate is home to both the ILC candidate site and a number of historical activities and experiences thanks to our UNESCO World Heritage Site of Chuson-ji Temple/Konjikido Golden Hall. But you can also enjoy sports throughout all four seasons. With this article, we’d like to showcase some of the sports activities you can experience in southern Iwate!

Through spring and autumn, there are many marathons and other road races held throughout the region.

Each region has its only special and unique races. There’s the Oshu Kirameki Marathon, which is very easy to run thanks to the city’s flat terrain. There’s also the Run Fest Kitakami, which serves Iwate goods at its rest stations.

The Southern Regional Development Bureau of the Iwate Prefectural Government sets up information booths at each event to show off the sports activities taking place throughout the region. Please give us a visit during your warmups or after the race.

The Bureau also created a Sports Activity Map in March that showcases these marathons and activities as well as info about food and tourism in the region.

A marathon can seem rather intimidating, but don’t worry! These road races have a number of different distances for all runners. Even if you’re not a confident runner, you can still walk yourself to the finish line. Make our debut as a runner and take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle!

The south of Iwate is also full of activities that make use of its bountiful natural environment.

In the autumn, there is an event called the E-Boat Race at the Kitakami River, which flows from the north to south of Iwate. An E-Boat is a new type of boat that anyone can paddle easily. This boat race, along with exchange tours and other opportunities of learning about the water, encourages the formation of relationships between regions, and serve as an impetus for people to think and learn about the relationship between humans and nature. The E in E-boat stands for Exchange, Environment, Earth, Epoch-making, Ecology, Energy, and Education, and in Japanese, it’s also a pun for “Good boat.”

During the E-Boat Race, each team of 10 people races for the best time. Competitors comes from both within Iwate and from outside, and every year sees a spirited rowing match in the water. Enjoy watching the ensuing drama as people drift down the river!

In the winter, a huge snowball fight is held in Nishiwaga Town, on the border between Iwate and Akita prefectures.

The winner is either the team that throws the most snowballs, or the team that successfully steals the other’s flag. There’s a mens-only division, women-only division, and mixed division, and anyone can join regardless of age or gender. Teams take cover in shelter on the court as they lob both huge clumps of snow and precision snowball at each other. Each team has its own strategies for exchanging fire and invading enemy territory. What a nice return to childhood, frolicking along the snowy grounds!

Last but not least, if you are interested in our sports activities, we have some great information for you! Some Iwate Prefectural workers also moonlight as the Youtubers named SUBMARINE, and they share the various sports activities of the Iwate southern region in a number of exciting videos.

(E-Boat Race)
①First half
②Latter half

(Snowball Competition)
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②Latter half

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