\\Merry Christmas//

December, the month of Christmas. This is a holiday celebrated in Japan too, and today, we will introduce, along with some photos of the season in Morioka, a slightly different and uniquely Japanese way of celebrating Christmas.   ★Cityscape lit up by illuminations When December comes, illuminations are installed in areas around the city which brightens the city at night. In Morioka, a large bridge is lit up, giving joy to those who pass by.

【Illumination in the city】

★Christmas Eve is the main event! Some people do various things on Christmas Day, some people spend the day going on a date with their significant other, while others have parties with their friends or families. Especially for couples, Christmas Eve is an important day to spend time together. The heart shaped illumination on a building in Morioka lights up as though it is blessing couples.

【Malios Heartful Christmas】

【Illumination of the bridge and Malios building】

★A present from Santa Claus In Japan, instead of turkey, fried chicken is the centerpiece of the table. A shortcake covered in fresh cream, strawberries and a miniture Santa Claus is also popular on the day. Presents are exchanged within families and between couples, but children are most excited about getting presents from Santa Claus! During the night of the 24th, Santa visits the houses of good children. When they wake up the next morning, a present is left by their pillows. (In order to get a present on Christmas, children help with the chores and study hard, and the adults “report” this to Santa Claus) Christmas is a big event in winter that is loved by all in Japan. After the 25th, the city becomes busy again as the Christmas tree is quickly packed away and the house cleaned all in preparation to welcome in the new year.

【2m Christmas Wreath】


\\Merry Christmas//

【写真 街中のイルミネーション】

【写真 マリオスハートフルクリスマス】
【写真 ハートと橋のライトアップ】


【写真 2mのクリスマスリース】