The ILC Promotion Council of Iwate Prefecture is working to realize the International Linear Collider in the Tohoku region of Japan with the economic leaders of Iwate at the forefront. The council was created on April 27, 2012 by the joint effort of 5 economic organizations of Iwate.

The Council was created to help create a cooperative framework for local industry, academia, and government leaders for the ILC. Members are also coming together to create an Iwate that can welcome the ILC and provide a great place to live and work for researchers. Our main goal is to build awareness and acceptance of the ILC project, as we make formal requests to the government to officially invite the project to Japan.

ILC Symposium in Iwate | July 2, 2015

ILC Symposium in Iwate | July 2, 2015

The Council holds seminars every year with guests from the field of particle physics. These are aimed at the general public, especially young people. In order to raise interest and establish connections to the project with local industries and businesses, the Council holds tours of accelerator research facilities such as KEK and SPring-8. Some companies in Iwate have already started to produce parts for particle accelerators or have begun joint research on accelerators.


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The Council is working with the Iwate Prefectural government and the ILC Promotion Council of Tohoku to make formal requests to related national government ministries, local members of national parliament, and the federation of political parties, urging their support of the ILC. We make formal requests more than 10 times a year, so that the will and voices of the people will directly reach the ears of the national government.

Additionally, the Council has a Japanese and English homepage to help distribute information related to the ILC. We help put together tours of the Kitakami site, plan academic seminars, and create posters, banners, and other PR material for the ILC.

We need the backing of the people of Japan in order to realize the ILC in Tohoku. We are aiming to increase our activities as a council to spread acceptance of the ILC to as many people as possible.

We look forward to your support and understanding.

The ILC Promotion Council of Iwate


(1) Deepen understanding of the ILC and its research, and investigate what municipal services and academic environments will be necessary to attract international research organizations to Tohoku and Iwate
(2) Develop concrete strategies for development around the ILC to revitalize the economy of Tohoku and Iwate

Members (as of March 31, 2015)

435 groups, 82 individuals (517 in total)
Members range from Iwate Prefecture to Miyagi Prefecture, Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, and people from other regions of Japan.


Iwate Prefecture ILC Promotion Council
Part of the Morioka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
14-12 Shimizu-cho, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture 020-0875, Japan
Telephone: +81 019-624-5880 (Main) | Fax: +81 019-654-1588
*Phone inquiries in Japanese, please.


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