The International Large Detector, or ILD, is one of the detectors that will be used at the ILC. A meeting of ILD researchers was held in in southern Iwate in February 2018 – this time in Ichinoseki City! Around 60 physicists and engineers from around the world gathered to present and discuss the latest developments in their project, right in a city where they may actually be living in a decade’s time. It was a great opportunity for us in Iwate to once again meet our friends from abroad, and show off our Iwate hospitality.

We’ve translated a number of articles in the local papers about the event – check it out along with lots and lots of pictures!

Newspaper translations also contributed by Anna Thomas (Oshu City ILC Promotion Division), and pictures from Kazunori Oikawa (Ichinoseki City Promotion Division).

ILD Meeting 2018 in Ichinoseki, IWATE

The opening ceremony

February 20th kicked off a three-day international conference for the ILD (the detector to be used in the ILC particle collider) in Ichinoseki. …At this year’s conference, there were 63 participants from 7 countries (Japan, USA, and European countries). The opening remarks were open to the media, where team leader Ties Behnke of DESY said, “This conference will be important to our ongoing preparations to get the ILC in the next 5-year European particle physics plan.”

According to Associate Professor Tomoyuki Sanuki of Tohoku University, the first day will see presentations on the technology behind the major parts of the detector device. In the following days, participants will deliberate on the efficiency of analysis of the physical reactions that will occur in ILC experiments, and Prof. Atsuto Suzuki will give a presentation on the preparations in Tohoku to host the project.

Read more at “ILD meeting held in Ichinoseki – discussing technical issues going forward” from Iwate Nippo

Ties Behnke, leader of the ILD team

The Japanese government is currently debating whether or not to host the project.

“The ILC is such a huge project that one single country cannot do it on its own. We need international support. If Japan will take the lead and say that they will build the ILC, then the other countries will support them. But the project will not move forward if they do not take that step. I hope for them to voice their intentions this year.”

If they don’t make a decision this year, will it be more difficult to gain international support?

“Europe will being to make its next 5-year strategy for particle physics, and the USA will follow after that. If Japan does not indicate its position then it will be much more difficult to put the ILC in those plans, and to get international support. It’s important to decide quickly.”

Read more at “An interview with Ties Behnke, leader of the ILD team” from Iwate Nippo.

Dr. Atsuto Suzuki gives a speech on the latest ILC developments in Japan

Dr. Suzuki explained that the Tohoku ILC Preparation Office, which was formed in June 2016, is preparing for the ILC with two special groups-one in charge of the underground facility, and another forming a master plan-as well as four groups working on public relations, the local area, technology and industry. The office was formed to consider economic effects of the ILC, public relations on the ILC within and without Japan, surveys including seismic surveys, town planning and zoning and then petition the Japanese national government to realize the ILC.

He also indicated that progress is being made on a “Green ILC” that is environmentally friendly to the surrounding area through efforts such as utilizing waste heat, and that considerations are being made for a one-stop total service for international researchers.

Making an allusion to the famous Miyazawa Kenji story “Night on the Galactic Railroad” Dr. Suzuki stated “At the Kitakami site we will take the ILC for a journey to explore the beginning of the universe.”

From “Preparation for ILC Making Progress: Iwate Pref. University President Suzuki Presents at ILD Meeting” from Iwate Nichinichi.

What’s next for the ILD and ILC

Coffee break

“The ILC will be built and run through international cooperation. If the ILC is not included in top-level plans like the European strategy, there is a possibility the ILC project will stall because a framework for international cooperation could not be built.

Benke stated that reports on the ILC showing its scientific importance and other aspects need to be submitted for the next European strategy by December 18th, emphasizing that “We also need to thoroughly detail costs.” He expressed hope that the Japanese national government will give a clear statement on the ILC.”

From “Getting the ILC into European Plan: Deadline for Inclusion is December 18” from Tanko Nichinichi.

Local support for the ILD Meeting

The Ichinoseki City Tourism Association


The Ichinoseki City Tourism Association has been entrusted with registration for the international researchers coming to Ichinoseki for the 2018 ILD Meeting, an international meeting related to the International Linear Collider. This is the first time the association has been involved with an international conference. The association has a display table at the meeting featuring local tourist attractions, and will continue to provide tourism-related support for the ILC in the future.

…More international conferences are expected to be held in the future and the Ichinoseki City Tourism Association plans to be flexible and help in whatever way it can. Executive Director Sugawara commented that “In the future we’ll do all we can for other international conferences. We want people from overseas to know how wonderful Ichinoseki and Hiraizumi are, and go home satisfied and pleased because we did all we could to support them.”

Read more at “Support for Int’l Meeting by Ichinoseki City Tourism Association: Registration and Local Information” from Iwate Nichinichi

Hanamaki Agricultural High School

Cookies and apples for ILD, made by Hanamaki Agricultural High School

Once students at Hanamaki Agricultural High School heard about [the ILD meeting], they knew they wanted to make some sort of gift for the visiting researchers. And what goes best with the ubiquitous coffee breaks during international conferences? Cookies, of course. And not just any cookie – ILC cookies!

Read more at “Students at ILC Promotion Model Schools hope for the ILC” from THE KITAKAMI TIMES

Welcome reception in Ichinoseki


The welcome reception for ILD Meeting 2018 was held on the night of February 20th at Sekinoichi restaurant in Tamura-cho, Ichinoseki. Performances at the reception included an English play performed by local children which got a pleased reaction from researchers and other guests…The end of the play was set in Ichinoseki in 2030. It depicted a more international and technologically advanced future with a completed International Linear Collider. The researchers who are working to realize the ILC gave the play a big round of applause.

Read more at “A Future Internationalized Ichinoseki: Children’s English Play” from Iwate Nichinichi.

The ILD Meeting 2018 Banquet

At the banquet held on the 21st, dishes featuring ingredients provided by Oshu City, Ichinoseki City, Ofunato City and Kesennuma City in Miyagi Prefecture were provided to attendees. Oshu City provided Maesawa beef. There was also a performance of a local folk dance.

At the banquet held on the 21st, dishes featuring ingredients provided by Oshu City, Ichinoseki City, Ofunato City and Kesennuma City in Miyagi Prefecture were provided to attendees. Oshu City provided Maesawa beef. There was also a performance of a local folk dance.











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