(by Anna Thomas of Oshu City and Kazunori Oikawa of Ichinoseki City)

The 2018 ILD meeting is set to be held from February 20 to 22 in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture and we look forward to seeing you there! For those of you able to explore a little before, after or during this meeting, we’ve made a guide for enjoying the area.

Getting Here

From Tokyo

■ Take the Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo Station. It will take about 2 hours. Some trains don’t stop at Ichinoseki Station: in that case, transfer trains at Sendai Station.

From Sendai to Ichinoseki City

■ It takes about 20 minutes from Sendai Station to Ichinoseki Station via the Tohoku Shinkansen.

*For maps of the area, please go to the bottom of this page.

Recommended Spots

Ichinoseki City

Jazz Spot BASIE

Jazz fans from all over the country come to BASIE for its high quality sound system. This famous café’s namesake, Count Basie, visited BASIE multiple times.

The café owner’s LP collection weighs a grand total of 25 tons. Prominent jazz musicians often give live performances here.

Access: 13 minutes on foot from Ichinoseki Station / 7 minutes on foot from Ichinoseki Cultural Center (ILD meeting venue)

Sekinoichi Sake Brewery

This sake brewery was founded in 1918. At Sekinoichi’s restaurant, which is a renovated sake storehouse (kura), you can try local cuisine like mochi and local brand pork sausages. The ILD Welcome Reception will be held at this restaurant (February 20th from 19:00).

The brewery makes beer as well as sake, so you can enjoy a variety of beers. For shopping, try Sekinoichi’s store, where you can buy sake, sausages, snacks, mochi and more.

Access: 11 minutes on foot from Ichinoseki Station / 5 minutes on foot from Ichinoseki Cultural Center (ILD meeting venue)

Oshu City

NAOJ Mizusawa Campus

The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Mizusawa Campus is home to a variety of projects. Pictured is one of four 20 meter antennas in the VERA VLBI array taking a detailed picture of the galaxy. This campus has a rich history spanning back to the 1890s with the International Latitude Observatory of Mizusawa: check out the preserved historical buildings and museum.

Get a sneak peek in this video, and see the official English website for more on the campus and how to visit.

Access: Around 20 minutes on foot (about 1 ½ kilometers) or about a 8 minute taxi ride from Mizusawa station.

Esashi Fujiwara no Sato (Fujiwara Heritage Park)

Ramble through this Heian period theme park experiencing samurai-style archery, trying on armor and kimonos, and taking uncanny photos in the trick art building.

Explore the park in this video, and see this official PDF for details on entrance fee and hours.

Access: Easiest access is by car. About 3000 yen by taxi from Mizusawa-Esashi station (Oshu’s bullet train station).

Products to Enjoy

Ichinoseki City

Dyed Goods

The Kyoya Dyed Goods Store is one of the rare businesses in Japan that can perform the whole process of making dyed goods, from design to dyeing to sewing.

At the store, you can buy popular items like handkerchiefs, hand towels, scarves, and small items.

Kyoya can also take special orders for yukata, hand towels and other products, and on weekends and holidays the factory is open for tours and hands-on dyeing activities.

Access: 10 minutes on foot from Ichinoseki Station / 5 minutes on foot from Ichinoseki Cultural Center (ILD meeting venue)

Hidehira-nuri Lacquer ware

Hirahira-nuri lacquer ware representative of Iwate Prefecture is produced areas including Ichinoseki City and Hiraizumi Town.

Marusan Lacquerware in Daito-cho, Ichinoseki makes lacquer ware in this lovely style. Marusan’s bowls, plates, glasses, spoons, chopsticks and other products are a popular choice for souvenir shoppers..

Marusan Shikki products are offered at a store near the ILD meeting venue called Kumato.

Access: 6 minutes on foot from Ichinoseki Station / 1 minute on foot from Ichinoseki Cultural Center (ILD meeting venue)

Oshu City

Maesawa beef (Oshu beef)

One of Oshu’s most famous products, featured in a recent video by Youtuber Abroad in Japan (“5 Must Try Meat Dishes in Japan”).

This gourmet beef will melt in your mouth.

See our Oshu guide map available online for a map showing restaurants serving our specialty beef. Our guide map is available in English as well as Japanese, Korean, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.

Nanbu Ironware

Go all-out and buy a cast iron kettle, or keep your luggage light with little goods like bells.

Shop at places including Mizusawa Tourist Products Center on the way to Mizusawa VLBI Observatory, or at the Cupola Museum near Mizusawa-Esashi station.

If you go the Cupola Museum, you can also shake hands with (an ironware cast of) famous major league baseball player Shohei Otani!


Ichinoseki City

Oshu City

Further information

  • For people with dietary restrictions

    It may be difficult to find a restaurant that can serve food according to your specifications. The following website may be helpful to you: http://www.vegietokyo.com/

  • Information for Muslim travelers

    There are very few places that serve halal food in Iwate, but there are restaurants throughout Morioka that serve non-Japanese vegetarian options. You may also consider contacting restaurants beforehand to see if they can set up a suitable menu. For more information: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2302.html

  • Winter sports

    Iwate is one of the best places to do winter sports in the whole country! Over 20 ski areas can be found throughout the prefecture, from the northern highlands to the coastal hills. A Trip to Iwate keeps a list of some of the more famous ski areas, which can be found here.



2018年のILDミーティングが岩手県一関市で2月20日から22日までの三日間開催されます。お会いできるのを楽しみにしております! 開催前や開催後に少し周辺を見て周る機会がある方向けに周辺の観光地を紹介させていただきます。


■ 東京都から一関市
■ 仙台市から一関市





アクセス:一ノ関駅から徒歩13分 / 一関文化センター(会場)から徒歩7分


酒蔵を改装したレストランで餅などの郷土料理やブランド豚のソーセージを味わうことができます。また、ILD meeting のwelcome reception の会場となります。(2/20 19:00~21:00)

アクセス:一ノ関駅から徒歩11分 / 一関文化センター(会場)から徒歩5分



詳しくは、国立天文台水沢キャンパスの公式ホームページや“Oshu for You”エピソード1の動画をご覧ください。

アクセス: 水沢駅から徒歩で約20分 (約1.5キロ) またはタクシーで約8分。


「Oshu for You」エピソード12を見て、えさし藤原の郷の中を覗いてみましょう! また、営業時間、入場料金などは公式HPと英語版PDFをご覧ください。

アクセス: 車での移動をおすすめします。水沢江刺駅からタクシーで約3000円





アクセス:一ノ関駅から徒歩10分 / 一関文化センター(会場)から徒歩5分



アクセス:一ノ関駅から徒歩6分 / 一関文化センター(会場)から徒歩1分



全国的に有名な前沢牛はこのほどYoutubeクリエーターAbroad in Japanの動画で紹介されました(“5 Must Try Meat Dishes in Japan”)。




岩手旅 英語版



制限に合わせたメニューを出せるレストランを見つけるのが大変かもしれません。アドバイスについて次のウェブサイトをご覧ください。http://www.vegietokyo.com/ (←ベジタリアンへのアドバイスのサイト)


県内にハラール料理を出す店は非常に少ないのですが、外国料理の店でベジタリアン向けの食べ物を出す場所があります。また、事前にレストランに連絡すれば、特別メニューを用意してもらえる可能性もあります。詳しくは: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2302.html