Local governments, academic and industrial groups and more continue to work together to spread the word about the ILC through all of Japan. One such effort took place at the Vacuum Show, a trade show held at the Pacifico Yokohama in Yokohama from September 6th to the 8th.

About 16,000 people came to the Vacuum Show in these three days, with many of these people visiting the International Linear Collider exhibit.

The ILC exhibit had everything visitors needed to know about the ILC: an overview of the ILC, exhibits of the superconducting accelerator cavities and other parts, introduction of the Kitakami site including a virtual reality tour, booths showcasing local industry, and information on the candidate site area for work or leisure. The mascot character “Higgs-kun” even made a couple of appearances.

Visitors to the show could learn about the ILC in various ways. First, we could catch their eye as they walked past the ILC corner. This being a trade show about vacuums, the ILC got the attention of a lot of people. Some people had clearly heard about the ILC before. For others, it was their first time, and they quizzed staff while gathering handfuls of pamphlets.

They could also attend one of several lectures held on the ILC and its anticipated effects on industry. Both lectures attracted a healthy number of people in the audience. Even more people were drawn in by the Sansa Odori dance performances (People were run-walking to the performance area from all over as soon as the drumming started.)

Sansa Odori dance performance

Finally, every “Uni-Cub” tour of the Vacuum Exhibit visited the ILC corner for a special explanation. “Uni-Cubs” are a kind of robotic stool that obeys your commands to move around an area without standing. You operate it not with your hands or feet, but by leaning a little in the direction you want to go. (I actually tried it myself, and it’s easier than it sounds!)

The Uni-Cub corner held tours of the Vacuum Exhibit of about 30 minutes including practice time, and each tour stopped by the ILC exhibit.

Explaining the ILC to Uni-Cub tour members

I had a fun and rewarding three days at the Oshu booth working with our ILC friends and partners. Just as in Morioka for LCWS 2016 and in Yohohama for the Vacuum Exhibit, we’ll all keep working together doing everything we can for the ILC, hand in hand.


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