We talked to people to see what they thought about the International Linear Collider. As we end 2015, knowledge of the project is growing, but more needs to be done to show how it will benefit both Iwate and the world. However, there is a lot of excitement for researchers to come to Iwate!

Quotes have been translated and edited for clarity.

ca-remCà Rem (Vietnam)

We were saying that the ILC might be a way to create a new form of energy to replace nuclear energy. If the ILC is built here, there will be a lot more opportunities for work in the STEM fields. The rest of the country will look to Iwate as a leader.

I think Iwate will become like your second home. I personally am leaving Iwate next year and I’m pretty sad about it. Iwate’s got cool stuff and the people are so nice, it’s easy to live here – it’s just great.



tatsumasa-nakayaTatsumasa Nakaya

No matter what world you’re in, science does not have a lot of immediate practical applications, but work hard at [the ILC]. Work hard so that long after I’m gone, the people of Tohoku will think that the ILC was a good thing.

What do we need to make the ILC a reality?
That’s hard to answer in a short amount of time, but I’d say money is necessary.


takato-hatakeyamaTakato Hatakeyama

There was a person who came to talk about the ILC at my school, and as I was listening to their talk I thought I’d like to do that kind of work myself. I’d really like to research elementary particles and do a job that helps people.

Iwate is still very rural, so if the ILC is built many people from around the world will come to the area, which will energize and rebuild the region. There will be a lot of money involved, so Iwate’s economy will grow a lot. I don’t think that Iwate will ever be a huge city or anything, but it will definitely get more developed which will be great.

Do you have a message for researchers abroad?
Uh, well, I’d really like to do research for a living so… (laughs) There’s a lot of really cool culture in Iwate as well as very beautiful nature, so please come on by.


hinako-mikamiHinako Mikami

I’ve seen the ILC a lot in the newspapers, but I didn’t really know what it was. [With today’s talk] I was able to learn a little bit more. If the ILC is built in Iwate, we will be able to meet people from all over the world, which I’m am looking forward to. Please work hard so that the ILC can come to Iwate!


satoko-uta-okumaSatoko & Uta Okuma

Uta: I think the ILC is very interesting. A lot of people from around the world will come, and Iwate will become prosperous like Tokyo.

Satoko: I’d love if Iwate became a place with tons of research facilities like Switzerland someday. But I’m still not really clear on what exactly the ILC will be doing.

I think a lot of people have fears about the ILC because they’re not sure what it is. It’s really important to be able to assuage those fears.
Satoko: It’s something that lies beyond the imagination. We just need for there to be a clearer explanation – something that says this will definitely be safe.

Do you have a message for the researchers abroad?
Satoko: My family and I came to Iwate from Tokyo four years ago, and at first we thought Iwate was kind of like a foreign country because it had so much snow! There were a lot of things we didn’t know at first, but we are really enjoying the expansive nature, the compact cities, the mountains and the rivers and the lakes. I think the researchers and their families will enjoy Iwate just like we do.

Do you want to become a researcher some day?
Uta: A little bit.

sofia-latifSofia Latif (U.K.)

I’m very excited the ILC will come to Iwate, I think it’s going to be a huge opportunity. I’ll stick around here in Iwate for a bit longer and I’d like to get involved since my background is in physics. Also as a Muslim, I think I have some experiences that could help Muslim researchers that come to the area.

How does Iwate have to prepare for the researchers to come here?
Things like bureaucratic procedures need to be translated. Iwate needs to improve translation services they provide for all types of services here for foreigners. Simple things like registering at the city hall, and the emergency alerts [for earthquakes that are transmitted to cell phones].

Any messages for the people abroad?
Come to Iwate! Come and enjoy. I’m enjoying, and you’ll enjoy it too. It’s a beautiful part of the country. Please root for Iwate winning the bid for the ILC.


nobuko-sawadateNobuko Sawadate

I only know a little bit about the ILC, but Iwate is a wonderful place, so I want you to come here and experience many things. For example, you should visit Hachimantai [in the north of Iwate]. I like the nature there.


li-nanNan Li (China)

I don’t know a lot about the ILC, but I’ve got an image in my head because I’ve heard the word so many times. If the ILC is built in Iwate, then Iwate will become the center of research in that area. There will be a lot of construction going on, and researchers from around the world will gather here. It will become very international. Iwate is a very easy place to live, and the people are very kind. Please come.



akiyoshi-osumiAkiyoshi Osumi

I hope that people will come to do research in Iwate as well as see all of the wonderful things Iwate has to offer. And if you’re thinking of running workshops and seminars in the winter, please consider holding them at one of our many ski resorts! I’m with Appi Kogen Ski Resort.


hailey-shoemakerHailey Shoemaker (U.S.A.)

I think it’s really cool that they’re putting the ILC in Iwate, in Japan. I had the opportunity to visit the collider in CERN which was really cool. I’m kind of a science freak, and I think building a collider in Japan is going to be the best thing. This project is going to change Iwate a lot. In 10-15 years from now, everyone is going to know what Iwate is.

How was your experience at CERN?
I went on a tour while I was studying abroad in Switzerland. I’m excited about all the projects that they’re going to be able to do there, and all of that helps us to have better medicine, better defense, better buildings, better everything. I think fundamental research coming to Japan is really important.

Do you have a message for the scientists at CERN?
Well, they probably speak French, so I would be like, bienvenue! Welcome to Japan, I think you’re really going to like it here. I think both countries have a lot in common, like a desire to further research. In the time I was there, the sense I got of the people is really similar to the people of Japan, and people have a lot of respect for each other, so I think that kind of environment will really feel like home for people in Switzerland.



Cà Remさん (ベトナム)





Sofia Latifさん (イギリス)
私は物理学を勉強したので、ぜひILCに関わりたいです。ILCに向けて、行政には多言語サービスや多言語災害情報を提供して欲しいですね。岩手は美しい所なので、ぜひいらしてください。 ILCの実現を応援してください!


李楠さん (中国)


Hailey Shoemakerさん (アメリカ)