The Iwate Industry Promotion Center (IIPC) is located within the same complex as the Iwate Industrial Research Institute (IIRI) that I reported on in June. The two organizations have a common mission in term of developing Iwate’s industries. While the IIRI performs research and develops technology, the IIPC’s work is more focused on management and expanding business opportunities for manufacturing companies and other businesses. The IIPC consults on a broad variety of topics related to running a business, with seminars on management, production plans, quality assistance, and more. The IIPC functions as a major supporter for small-to-medium-sized enterprises who would like to improve their operations and/or to expand their businesses.

The Iwate Industry Promotion Center

The Iwate Industry Promotion Center

Their activities include:

Consultations for business with their Yorozu* Support Hub

*Yorozu roughly means “jack-of-all-trades.”

The IIPC can link businesses with Chambers of Commerce, expert coordinators, government officials, and financial institutions. They can give advice on improving sales, shifting to new fields, starting new businesses, cash management, succession of the business, and more.

Sharing information

The IIPC offers a newsletter, their homepage (, a mailing list, and educational DVDs.

 Management seminars and professional development (for manufacturing companies)

Topics include “managers of the future”, product management, quality control, cost management, and improving business operations. The IIPC can also dispatch experts in these fields to local businesses to teach them their desired information.

Support/consultations for intellectual property

If businesses would like to branch out overseas, the IIPC can bear a portion of the costs associated with securing patents, commercial logos, designs (translations, agents), and more.

The IIPC also supports investment in machinery/equipment, and supports market development (including the ILC and accelerator-related industry).

ILC-related projects and the Iwate ILC Coordination Office

With the ILC in everyone’s minds, the IIPC has been organizing seminars and presentations aimed at business leaders who want to get involved with the accelerator industry. A few months ago I wrote about one of them, the Iwate Accelerator-related Industry Lecture Series. Some topics of discussion at these seminars include how to strategically grow Japan through the accelerator industry, and case studies on new manufacturing methods. Scientists, industry leaders, and officials from KEK all come to speak at these events, making it a great place to learn more about the ILC and also to network with fellow-minded individuals.

In recent news, June 2016 marked the recent installation of the Tohoku ILC Preparation Office by the Tohoku ILC Promotion Council, which is headed by Iwate Prefectural University President Dr. Atsuto Suzuki. The office was prepared in hopes of building a framework to get things done quickly, like the construction of the research facility and getting local businesses involved with the ILC. The office will coordinate between all of the players in the ILC, and its four working groups will strive to get local businesses involved, build a great environment for new residents, publicize the project, and deliberate on technical considerations.

This year also brings a new working space to the IIPC’s building: The Iwate ILC Coordination Office was installed in June 2016 as a meeting space for officials from academia, government, and private businesses. At the opening ceremony for the office, Vice-governor of Iwate, Mr. Shigeki Chiba, said, “This office will start as a hub of cooperation for all those involved with the ILC in Iwate. Eventually we’d like to make the office into a center for the ILC project as a whole, to play a role in the project coming to fruition.” (Quote from the June 16, 2016 edition of the Iwate Nippo)

The Iwate ILC Coordination Office in the Iwate Industry Promotion Center building will work together with the Tohoku office to make the ILC a reality.


Iwate craftsmanship

An aside: CARS

Not quite ILC-related, but something I found very interesting. The IIPC is taking part in a Next-Generation Mobility Development Hub Project (with universities and other organizations throughout Iwate), which aims to research and develop new technology for transportation. The IIPC has a model showcase car, which is basically a full-size automobile stripped down to its skeleton, with every part labeled according to its manufacturer in Iwate. By doing this, you see just how all of these separate parts are linked together. With this car, manufacturers can see how they might be able to collaborate with other manufacturers for efficiency.

The coolest part was seeing the home-grown Iwatean craftwork used on this vehicle. The steering wheel was painted with Iwate-sourced lacquer! For those unfamiliar, lacquer is the hardened sap of the urushi tree which mainly grows in China and Japan. Japanese urushi is quite rare, and even rarer is a place where the urushi is harvested, aged, and used all in the same area. In fact, there’s only one place in Japan with that can do all that: Iwate! This car truly is an Iwate effort.

It might be interesting if a “showcase accelerator” for the ILC was built, in order for local companies to see how they can get involved.


いわて産業振興センター ~ILCの県内企業の参入等を支援~ [岩手県 和山アマンダ]










東北ILC準備室の設置を受け、同年6月、岩手県では、いわて産業振興センターの建物内に産学官の関係者が利用するミーティングスペースとして、「岩手ILC連携室」を開設。開会式において、岩手県の千葉茂樹副知事は、「県内のILC関係者の連携拠点としてスタートし、今後はILCプロジェクトの拠点へと進化させ、建設実現の一翼を担っていきたい。」と先を見据えました。(引用:岩手日報 平成28年6月16日記事)