This time, the ILC team at the Iwate Prefectural Government traveled to Europe to check out CERN and the LHC, as well as meet with researchers at the IEEE NSS/MIC conference. Back at home, local students put on a play in English about the father of modern science in Ichinoseki. And if you’re going to be in the area for LCWS 2016, you can learn about some tourist attractions in the south of Iwate.

onlineThe Kitakami Times Issue #25

English: ktimes-25
Japanese 日本語: ktimes-25jpn

In this issue…

Bon Voyage, Sobacchi – The IEEE NSS/MIC 2016 conference in Strasbourg, France
An English play in Ichinoseki about the father of modern science in Japan (Otsuki Gentaku), and the future with the ILC
LCWS 2016: Exploring southern Iwate


今月の記事 ※11月号
・ ボン・ヴォヤージュ、そばっち!東北をPRするため、岩手県ご当地キャラクター「そばっち」がヨーロッパへ
・LCWS 2016~岩手県南に行こう!