Linear Collider Workshop 2019 (LCWS) was held at the Sendai International Center from October 28th to November 1st, 2019. The Tohoku ILC Promotion Council used this opportunity to host excursions throughout the Sendai City area, showing off the best food and tourism the Tohoku region has to offer.

Excursion Part 1 – Modern TOHOKU

This excursion’s main event was a visit to OGATA-YAMA. OGATA-YAMA is the residence and base of a furniture/interior designer Kinichi Ogata who is well known internationally. The residence is a piece of modern-art architecture surrounded by the nature of Tohoku region. During the excursion, there was also presentations on the history and traditional culture of Tohoku.

Beforehand, there was a visit to Saiho-ji Temple at Jogi Mountain, a Buddhist temple established about 1,200 years ago. Surrounded by autumn leaves, participants were shown around the temple premises by a monk. Afterwards, they visited the modern art gallery at OGATA-YAMA to hear presentations (and had a group feedback session) on local manufacturing, food production, and culture, with a reception following.

・Date: November 2, 2019 (Sat)

・Details: Sendai City – Saiho-ji Temple and OGATA-YAMA

・Participants: Eight researchers from Japan and abroad

At Saiho-ji Temple

A talk from the monk at Saiho-ji

Participants were guided in English by a monk who had spent time undergoing monk training in the US. They had questions about the difference between the Buddhist and Shinto religions in Japan, to which he answered, “Many people in Japan participate in the customs of various religions during their life, including Christian ones.” One of the guests said it was wonderful that religions were able to coexist peacefully here. The autumn leaves were at their most vibrant, and one of the guests mentioned during the walking tour that such an experience was a great chance for him to get a break from the hectic conference


A group feedback session at OGATA-YAMA

After a tour of OGATA-YAMA, businesses from around Tohoku gave presentations on food (noodles, hatto soup, and so on) and tourism activities (Kuji amber). There were a lot of questions on things like noodle production methods and types of amber.

There was a reception afterwards with Tohoku food and drinks.

■ OGATA-YAMA(English)

■ Maruni Foods(English)

■ Kuji Amber(English)

Excursion Part 2- Vintage MIYAGI @ MATSUSHIMA

This tour covered a few key spots around Matsushima including a cruise in or around Matsushima Bay. Matsushima is said to be one of the three most beautiful scenic places in Japan, and has been an object of admiration by poets and alike since ancient times. When Einstein visited Tohoku University in December 1922, he extended his trip to Matsushima in order to see the scenery lit up by the moon. It is reported that he was deeply impressed by the sight saying ‘even the most accomplished craftsmen would not be able to record this beauty’. Zuigan-ji Temple, located at the center of Matsushima, was established about 1,200 years ago and was significantly expanded and renovated about 400 years ago by the warlord Masamune Date. It is a rare example of Momoyama-period architecture that survives to this day.

・Date: November 2, 2019 (Sat)

・Details: Matsushima, Shiogama

・Participants: Five researchers from Japan and abroad

Within Zuigan-ji Temple

Participants were guided around the natural treasure of Zuigan-ji Temple by a monk. They were pleased to be led around by a real monk, and said it felt like an authentic experience. They were also able to enjoy things like local oysters and sushi, the autumn leaves, and the charms of the areas of Shiogama and Matsushima.

Taking a boat tour of Matsushima

■Zuigan-ji Temple(English)

The Tohoku ILC Promotion Council will reflect upon the experiences had at these excursions as well as comments from the participants into participation as we push forward initiatives to build support systems for foreign researchers and their families, and in particular, develop programs having to do with food and tourism.





エクスカーション その1 Modern TOHOKU

海外でも活躍するFurniture/Interior Designer 尾形欣⼀ の活動拠点である東北の⾃然に包まれた現代アート建築「Ogata Yama」で、 東北の歴史や伝統⽂化などを楽しめるプログラム。 1,200年の歴史がある定義⼭西方寺へも⾜を伸ばしました。

今回は、紅葉の定義如来西方寺にて住職より境内をご案内いただいた後、モダンアートギャラリーOGATA YAMAでは「物づくり」「食づくり」「事づくり」の3つのセッションとグループ・インタビューを開催、その後交流会を行いました。

 ・日 時:2019年11月2日(土)
 ・行 程:仙台市内 定義如来西方寺、OGATA YAMA



【写真】西方寺 住職からご案内を聞く



【写真】OGATA YAMAでのグループ・インタビュー


エクスカーション その2 Vintage MIYAGI@MATSUSHIMA
松島は多くの島と由緒ある寺院を有し、⽇本三景の⼀つとして古くから歌⼈の憧れでした。 1922年12⽉アインシュタインが東北⼤学を訪れた際、 ⽉を愛でるために松島を訪れ「どんな名⼯の技もこの美しさを残すことはできない」と感嘆したと伝えられています。 松島の中⼼部にある瑞巌寺は約1200年前に創建され伊達政宗によって約400年前に⼤幅に改築されたもので、 桃⼭建築を今に伝える希少なものとなっています。 このツアーでは、松島周辺の名所(3~4カ所)を巡り、遊覧船にも乗りました。
 ・日 時:2019年11月2日(土)
 ・行 程:松島、塩釜


瑞巌寺の僧侶にご案内をいただきながら、国宝・瑞巌寺を拝観していただきました。非常に好評で、実際の僧侶の方にご案内いただいたことが、本物の体験(”Authentic experience”)だったと喜んでいただきました。また、この他、牡蠣や寿司、紅葉など、塩竈・松島の魅力を存分に味わっていただきました。