About an hour and a half from the ILC candidate site in the Kitakami mountains lies the city of Kamaishi on the Pacific Coast of Iwate. Kamaishi is known for its iron and steel manufacturing base, its delicious seafood, and its history as a rugby town (it served as home base for a successful team in the 70s and 80s). With its mix of history and culture, it’s a fantastic choice to spend a weekend, and they’ve also been working hard to make the city more user-friendly for foreign tourists.

I’ve had a ball every time I’ve been to Kamaishi, but this time, I knew I had to try out their rental bicycles!

Renting a bike in Kamaishi

There is public transportation available in Kamaishi, but you can also rent a bicycle with an electric-power assist function that will allow you to zip around town. Kamaishi has quite a few hilly roads, but the electric battery will kick in to give you some extra oomph to climb those inclines. It was much easier than expected to get through town!

Where: Kamaishi Tourism Association (right next to Kamaishi Station). The Tourism Association is located next to the entrance to the Hotel Folkloro Sanriku Kamaishi.

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/mbDYqQM9Q8E7HNjK6

How much: 500 yen to rent the bike for the whole day (anytime between 9:00-17:00)

Reservations: You don’t need to reserve ahead of time, but they only have about 8-9 bikes available, so you can contact them ahead to make sure you get one.

TEL: 0193-22-5835

Email: kamaishi-kankou@bz04.plala.or.jp

Some places to check out by bike

Once you’ve hopped on the bike, here’s a few places to check out in the city.

Kamaishi Daikannon Statue

(30 min by bike)

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/GVTWSSbVnEKeEpWHA

Daikannon is the name of a protective Buddhist deity, and this statue is perched on top of a cliff, overlooking and protecting the bay of Kamaishi. There are stairs inside that will take you up to the top – one of the highest views in the city!

Admission: 500 yen

More information: https://visitiwate.com/article/4744

Downtown Kamaishi for lunch

(10 min by bike)

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/WMRw25KBG68s18gc7

This area is a short jaunt away from the station, and has lots of restaurants serving things like Kamaishi-style ramen, kaisen-don (rice topped with fresh seafood), and even a Miffy café dedicated to the famous rabbit character.


Hamachidori Sake Brewery

(30 min by bike)

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/BHdAviFg15LEKE836

Kamaishi’s own local sake brewery. Hamachidori has won numerous awards domestically and internationally, but has never forgotten its roots as a sake maker beloved by the people of Kamaishi.


More information: https://www.japansake.or.jp/tourism/contents/ja/iwate/8362.html
(Sorry, information on tours are in Japanese only for now. However, the brewery does have an English-language video available to explain sake-making to foreign guests. You can try reaching them directly at info(at)hamachidori(dot)net )

Unosumai Tomosu Park (near Unosumai Station)

(1 hour by bike)

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/LQQ37nd3yZW4VW1G7

This area, right next to Unosumai Station on the Sanriku Railway, has a museum dedicated to the 2011 tsunami disaster, as well as a park and store carrying local goods and souvenirs. It’s also only a few minutes’ walk from the Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium, home to the Rugby World Cup 2019™.


More information: https://unosumai-tomosu.jp/ (Sorry, in Japanese only)

…and speaking of the Rugby World Cup:

Rugby World Cup 2019™ – Matches in Kamaishi

Kamaishi has been selected as one of the host cities for the Rugby World Cup 2019™, and the city is buzzing with energy as it prepares for the games. Join us for the scrum this autumn!

Learn more:



1) September 25, 2019 (Wed)
Fiji vs Uruguay

2) October 13, 2019 (Sun)
Namibia vs Canada







【レンタル先】 釜石観光物産協会(釜石駅周辺)※当協会は、ホテルフォルクローロ三陸釜石の入り口の隣にあります。
【予約について】 予約は不要ですが、自転車が8~9台しかないため、確保するために事前に予約しましょう。
【TEL】 0193-22-5835




グーグルマップ: https://goo.gl/maps/GVTWSSbVnEKeEpWHA

もっと知りたい! https://visitiwate.com/article/4744



もっと知りたい! https://www.japansake.or.jp/tourism/contents/ja/iwate/8362.html
(酒蔵のツアーの情報は、日本語のみですが、実際足を運んでいただくと、酒造りについて外国人観光客向けに英語による動画があります。詳しくは、このメールアドレスでお問合せ下さい: info@hamachidori.net )

グーグルマップ: https://goo.gl/maps/LQQ37nd3yZW4VW1G7

もっと知りたい! https://unosumai-tomosu.jp/ (日本語サイト)


ラグビーワールドカップ2019™ 釜石開催



① 2019年9月25日(水)

② 2019年10月13日(日)