On February 19th, 2020 (Wed), 67 students and teachers from the eight ILC Promotion Model Schools of Iwate* gathered for a results presentation for the “Developing Future Human Resources for the ILC Project.”

*An explanation of the ILC Promotion Model Schools initiative can be found below.

The “Developing Future Human Resources for the ILC Project”?

Many students from the ILC Promotion Model Schools attended the presentation

This project has been ongoing since FY 2017* to support the schools designated by Iwate Prefecture as ILC Promotion Model Schools. These schools are working hard to train their students to go on to become human resources that can be involved in the ILC in a number of different fields should the project be realized. This year is the third year for the project.

*Japanese fiscal years run from April to March of the next year.

When you think of human resources that can be involved in the ILC in a number of different fields, what kinds of people and fields do you imagine?

If you thought “scientists and engineers related to the ILC”, then you’re not wrong, but that’s not the whole story.

The realization of the ILC will lead to the formation of an international city of research in the Tohoku region of Japan, as we surmise that there will be new companies, factories, and jobs developed because of it. I wouldn’t be able to count all the opportunities, but for example:

○ In the private sector: Business owners and engineers (drafting/design, electrical and electronic precision design, system controls/programming, equipment design, system development, maintenance work, experimental evaluation, production technology, mold design, architecture, civil engineering, etc)

○ At universities: Professors, instructors at international schools (with nternational Baccalaureate certification) etc

○ At laboratories: Physicists, technicians, scientific engineers, skilled workers, administrative workers, science communicators, campus design, etc

○ Other: NGO workers, lawyers, doctors, civil servants, various planners/instructors, etc

These are the types of work you could see involved with the ILC.

This project’s goal is to train human resources and develop Iwate Prefecture in hopes of the realization of the ILC.

Below you’ll find each model school and what they worked on this fiscal year.

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Seminar on the ILC – Mizusawa Engineering High School
※ Given by a worker at the Iwate Prefecture Bureau of ILC Promotion

Visit to the ILC Open Labo for learning more about the project – Ichinoseki #1 High School

【Reference 1】 We wrote about this project in the March 1st, 2018 issue of THE KITAKAMI TIMES:

→ “Students at ILC Promotion Model Schools Hope for the ILC”


【Reference 2】About the Open Labo in THE KITAKAMI TIMES:

→ “Discover how great the ILC is at the Iwate ILC Open Lab!”


The Results Presentation – Each School Presents and Shares Information

We started the project in 2017 and each model school pushed forth its own initiatives as you can see above. In 2018, we had one big change.

Thanks to the suggestion and planning of one of the model schools, Morioka #1 High School, once a year all the schools gather to present on their initiatives, as well as to exchange opinions and information.

This was the second time for such a results presentation, and it was held on February 19 (Wed), 2020.


Iwate Prefectural Office 12th Floor Special Meeting Room (Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture)


In the beginning, Ms. Fujisaki Satomi, ILC Lecturer with the Morioka Regional Development Bureau, gave a talk about the project in order for students to learn and brush up their knowledge.

Ms. Fujisaki’s Seminar

Ms. Fujisaki explained the outline of the ILC as well as its impact on the future – ie, the paths open to Iwate high schoolers should the ILC be realized. Students and teachers alike in the audience that day praised her presentation for being easy to understand and with skillfully prepared slides.

Next, in the afternoon was the main event – the results presentations from each ILC Promotion Model School.

Each school carries out initiatives unique to their own curricula, but I’ll talk about some of the presentations that particularly stuck out in my mind.

Ofunato East High School was designated an ILC Promotion Model School this fiscal year. It is a general vocational-type school, with courses in agriculture, industry, commercial business, and home economy. During their presentation, they showcased what each course was doing for the ILC Promotion Model School project. Some of their initiatives include using English to roleplay selling agricultural products (Agricultural Produce Course), and working to learn technology and acquire certification by building parts that would be necessary to construct the ILC (Machinery Course).

Ofunato East High School Presentation

At Mizusawa High School, they were slated to visit SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Silicon Valley in the USA, so they talked about their upcoming visit and resolutions. They had plans to study not only experiments and research presentations, but also urban design and multiculturalism. At the conclusion of their presentation, they inspired a great deal of faith in them by saying, “We will learn a lot, and go on to contribute that to Iwate in the future.”

Hanamaki Agricultural High School has in the past worked to grow ILC Apples and ILC original goods. This time, their presentation was on growing western vegetables and developing an ILC original sausage. The ILC sausage was made with lamb instead of pork so that members of other religions could eat it. They didn’t only develop a sausage, they also raised the lambs and prepared the raw ingredients into the final product, carrying out all stages of production.

Following the presentations, Ms. Fujisaki (who gave the ILC seminar in the morning), teachers from other schools, and civil servants gave their comments. Some of the comments included: “I was really impressed/learned a lot from your full-fledged project.” “You really used what’s unique about your school, so it was very interesting to hear about. I look forward to what you’ll achieve in the future.”

At the end, nine teams of students gathered in small groups for group work, where they discussed their opinions about how Iwate should change should the ILC be realized. From each group there were numerous proposals and opinions: “After the ILC is realized, many researchers and related industry people will come from abroad, so we need to improve the foreign language ability of the Iwate people, especially English.” “We should promote multiculturalism more.” “In order to improve the convenience of public transportation, we should introduce a system where you can use an electronic IC card for payment.”

Groupwork, discussing intently

I think this results presentation was a great opportunity for ILC Promotion Model School students to talk about their own initiative and activities with other Iwate students, as well as learn from each other and strengthen their ties with their peers.

The Bureau of ILC Promotion at the Iwate Prefectural Government will continue to support the many young people of Iwate to gain the skills to be able to get involved with the ILC in a number of varied fields in the future.






注 日本の「年度」は、4月から翌年3月までの期間となります。


○ 企業等のエンジニア(製図・設計、電気・電子精密設計、制御・プログラミング、設備設計、システム開発、保守作業、実験評価、生産技術、金型設計、建築、土木等)、企業等の経営者など
○ 大学等の教授、インターナショナルスクール等の教職員(国際バカロレア資格を有する教員)など
○ 研究所の研究物理学者、技術者、科学エンジニア、技術者、技能者、事務職員、科学コミュニケーター、キャンパスデザイナーなど
○ NGO職員、弁護士、医師、公務員、各種プランナー・インストラクターなど



●第 1 期 ( 3 年 目 )

○ KEK(高エネルギー加速器研究機構)訪問
○ ILC推進モデル校による成果発表会の開催(とりまとめ・主催)
○ ILCに関する講演会の開催
○ 東北SGH発表会でのILCに関する課題研究発表

○ 西洋野菜の栽培研究         
○ ILCに関する講演会の開催
○ 資格(食の6次産業化プロデューサー[食Pro])取得
○ ILCオリジナル商品の開発(ILCリンゴの栽培など)

【水  沢】
○ SLAC(米国国立線型加速器研究所)訪問・施設見学及び同所での研究発表
○ 当該海外研修に係る報告書作成、地域での研修成果発表

○ フィールドワークを通じたILCの候補地である一関市周辺の地理・歴史・自然についての現地調査
○ ILCに関する講演会の開催      
○ (大学)出前講義

●第 2 期 ( 2 年 目 )
○ ILC学習・研究施設(オープンラボ)見学
○ KEKへの訪問     
○ ILCに関する講演会の開催
○ 前年度メンバーによる伝達研修
○ 文化祭での活動報告・模型展示

○ 「宮商デパート」(文化祭でのマーケティング・販売実践活動)での外国人への対応実践(※天候不良により中止)
○ 他ILC推進モデル校(花巻農業高校)開発商品の販売活動・ILC普及活動

●第 3 期 ( 1 年 目 )
○ ILCに関する講演会の開催
○ 販売実習を通じたILC情報発信
○ ILCオープンラボ見学
○ 吉岡 正和 岩手大学客員教授による物理学教室
○ ILC関連技術・技能向上活動(部品製造、外国人向け食事等)

【福  岡】
○ ILCに関わる大学(岩手大学・八戸工業大学等)見学及び研究室実験模擬体験
○ ILCに関する講演会の開催 
○ 「地方創生カシオペア発表会」理工学コースILCに関わる発表

※ 岩手県ILC推進局職員が講師を務めました。


【参考1】 当事業は、過去にK-TIMES第40号(2018年3月1日発行)に取り上げられたことがありますので、こちらも御参照ください。
→ K-TIMES第40号 「ILC推進モデル校の高校生が誘致実現を応援」

【参考2】 「オープンラボ」について
→ K-TIMES第81号 「魅力発見!岩手ILC連携室オープンラボ」

成果交流会 ~各校の取組発表と情報共有~



【会 場】
岩手県庁 12階 特別会議室(岩手県盛岡市)

・10:45~11:00 オープニングセレモニー
 ① ILCに関する講演会
 ○ 講師  藤崎 聡美 盛岡広域振興局ILC解説普及員
 ○ 演題  「ILCを知ろう」
・12:00~12:45 (昼食・休憩)
 ② 各ILC推進モデル校からの成果発表
 ○ 各ILC推進モデル校と発表内容
1 【1年目】 福 岡 大学でのアカデミック・インターンシップについてなど
2 【1年目】 大船渡東 学校紹介、科ごとの取組について
3 【2年目】 宮古商業 宮商デパートでの活動実践を通じて
4 【2年目】 水沢工業 本年度活動内容、文化祭(での展示)について
5 【3年目】 一関第一 フィールドワーク報告、課題研究ポスター発表
6 【3年目】 水 沢 海外研修(米国SLAC訪問)について
7 【3年目】 花巻農業 西洋野菜栽培、広報活動、東京での販売PR活動など
8 【3年目】 盛岡第一 放射線の観察とその応用
 ③ 交流・グループワーク
 ○ 各校から参集した生徒を小グループに分け、「ILCを通して岩手がどう変わっていってほしいか」について、互いに夢を語る。
・15:20~15:30 クロージングセレモニー