To be held on the 8th floor of Aiina (one of the venues of the LCWS conference)

During the LCWS 2016 conference in Morioka in December, there will be an exhibition of manufacturing companies and their products/technology from Iwate, Tohoku, and the rest of Japan. Learn more from company representatives about what they produce, and what they can do for the accelerator industry! But more than that, this is a chance to see the products that have arisen from Iwate’s rich natural environment and hard-working people.

We are currently recruiting English language interpreters to aid in communication.


Dates: December 6 – 8 (Tuesday through Thursday) 10:00 am – 3:00 pm each day

Place: 8th floor of Aiina

Organized by: Tohoku ILC Planning Office

List of participating companies (as of November 10, 2016)

Iwate companies:

-Alone Co. Ltd
-Kamaishi Electric Factory Co. Ltd
-Iwate Iron Corporation
-Chida Precision Products
-Ohmori Chrome Co. Ltd
-Suzuki Kikai Co. Ltd
-Ohtake Root Kogyo Co. Ltd
-Pro・Fit Inc
-Sanai Seiki Company
-Tem-Tech Lab Co. Ltd
-Yuwate Yoshida Kogyo Co. Ltd

Other Japanese companies:

-NEC Corporation
-R&K Food Service Co. Ltd
-Ohtsuka Co. Ltd
-Cosmotec Co. Ltd
-TDC Corporation
-Marui Galvanizing Co. Ltd
-Metal Technology Co. Ltd
-Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices Co. Ltd
-Katagiri Seisakusho Co. Ltd; Inc
-Akita Kagaku
-AAA Civil Group
-Ulvac Techno, Ltd
-Saito Machine Industry
-Arisawa Manufacturing Co. Ltd
-Nichicon Corporation
-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group
-C&A Corporation
-K Project
-Kudo Electric Company
-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Mechatronics Systems Ltd
-Tosei EB Tohoku Co. Ltd
-Okada Manufacturing Co. Ltd
-Nichiei Industry Co. Ltd
-Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation
-Toshiba Co. Ltd
-Oyo Corporation
-Kyocera Co. Ltd
-Kashiyama Industries Ltd
-NTT Facilities
-Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Want to study up on Iwate’s accelerator-related industry? The following articles from THE KITAKAMI TIMES are a good introduction to how we support our manufacturing companies.

-The Iwate Industry Promotion Center (focused on management and expanding business opportunities for manufacturing companies and other businesses)

-The Iwate Industrial Research Institute (focused on research and development of manufacturing technology for Iwate businesses)

-Also related: A Trip to Iwate’s list of traditional craftwork in the region. Iwate’s history of manufacturing stretches back for hundreds of years!


LCWS 2016: 企業展示会



1 日  時  2016年12月6日(火)~8日(木) 10時~15時
2 場  所  いわて県民情報交流センター アイーナ8階
3 主  催  東北ILC準備室
4 出展企業(予定)

齊藤マシン工業㈱、㈱有沢製作所、ニチコン㈱、三菱重工㈱、C&A Corporation、


岩手の加速器関連産業について詳しく知りたい方→以下のTHE KITAKAMI TIMESでは、ものづくり産業を支援する岩手県を紹介しています。

-いわて産業振興センター  (ものづくり企業などに対する経営面や事業機会の拡大での支援が中心です)

-岩手県工業技術センターの紹介 (ものづくり技術の研究を通じて県内企業を支援しています)

-関係情報: 英語版の岩手旅「いわての伝統工芸品」 岩手のものづくり文化は何百年の歴史があります。