A citizens rally for the ILC held in Morioka – increasing understanding of the ILC and its effects

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (July 26th edition). Read the original here.

On July 25th, a citizens rally was held for the project at the Aiina hall in Morioka City near Morioka Station. Around 250 people attended to learn more about the economic effects of the ILC and city development.

The rally was held by the Morioka Citizens Council for Linking Morioka with the World (chair: Sachio Taguchi). Jun Sasaki, executive director of the Office of ILC Promotion at the Iwate Prefectural Government gave a presentation. As part of the effects estimated of the ILC, he demonstrated that they had calculated there would be an increase of 1,000 foreign residents in Morioka City alone, and an increase of 200 foreign students. He stressed the importance of working to mutually understand each other, both Japanese and foreign residents alike.

A panel discussion was had with Carlos Javier Gonzales (a volunteer with the Morioka International Association), Kaoru Ozakura of the Morioka Tourism and Convention Association, and Junosuke Ito, director of the Morioka Junior Chamber International. They talked about the need for foreign language signs on public transportation as part of a way to develop the city in preparation for the ILC.

Chair Taguchi remarked, “The ILC is a good chance to convey to Japan and the rest of the world about the best Iwate Prefecture has to offer. I hope a wide variety of residents gain an interest in the ILC.”