A new banner for the ILC is unveiled at the Iwate Prefectural Office

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (March 31st edition). Read the original here.

The Iwate Prefectural government unveiled their new banner for the ILC at the Iwate Prefectural Office on March 29th.

Staff from the Office of ILC Promotion hung the banner (height 1m, width 7m) from the 3rd floor of the prefectural office. With a blue background to represent the universe, the font was in gold to signify the “Golden Culture” of Iwate Prefecture. In English, it said, “We’re ready for the ILC!” and in Japanese it said, “Bringing the ILC to Tohoku!

They will hang this banner from 7 spots throughout the prefecture, including the city halls at Morioka, Oshu, Ichinoseki, and Ofunato.

Jun Sasaki, executive director of the Office of ILC Promotion, said, “We want to convey that we are prepared in a number of different ways for the ILC to come here. We hope to pool our strength together with the people of Iwate to make the ILC a reality.”