A new liaison council instated to boost ILC cooperation – A new report from Prof. Yamashita

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (December 13th edition). Read the original here.

On December 12th, Prof. Satoru Yamashita (specially-appointed professor at the International Center for Elementary Particle Physics of the University of Tokyo) gave an update on the latest efforts to bring the ILC to Japan at a meeting in Morioka City. He reported that he had newly instated a liaison council for ILC-related organizations, research organizations, and local governments as a way to strengthen an “All-Japan” sense of cooperation as we approach the next year – when important plans will be finalized that will directly affect the success of the project.

Thirty people attended this meeting for top officials of the Iwate Prefecture ILC Promotion Council (chair: Kunihisa Yamura of the Iwate Federation of Chambers of Commerce). According to Prof. Yamashita, the liaison council would involve the Iwate ILC Promotion Council, the Tohoku ILC Promotion Council, KEK, AAA, the Iwate and Miyagi prefectural governments, and other related parties, totaling around 20 members.

They will meet about once every two weeks in order to share information about the current domestic and international status of the ILC. Each organization has been individually arranging meetings with the national government as well as other efforts to bring about the ILC, but this association will aim to coordinate those efforts and strengthen their information dissemination going forward.

In January 2020, the Science Council of Japan will unveil their master plan (for all important Japanese science projects), and the next European strategy for particle physics (2020-2024) is slated to be established in May. The ILC’s position in those plans will be an important point as the Japanese government continues to deliberate on hosting the project. Prof. Yamashita, who will serve as chair of the liaison council, said, “At the end of January 2020, the effort to bring about the ILC will reach its second phase. I’d like to work with an All-Japan structure in order to deal with any changes in the situation.”

As for the Iwate ILC Promotion Council’s activities, they reported that they were coordinating with researchers and domestic organization pushing for the ILC, as well as created a video in order to boost enthusiasm for the project. They intend to share it through DVDs and on their homepage.