A renewed sense of possibility for the ILC in Sendai: Iwate Heritage Association visits the candidate site

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (November 11th edition). Read the original here.

The Sendai Iwate Heritage Association is a group of native Iwateans who call Miyagi Prefecture their home. On November 10th, they visited the candidate site for the ILC and related facilities in Ichinoseki City, and gained a renewed determination to support the ILC.

Sixteen members attended the trip, which was part of a series of initiatives celebrating a century since the association was founded. After they viewed the site from the top of Mount Murone, they visited Okutama Elementary School in the Senmaya district of Ichinoseki, which is pouring a lot of effort into educating its students about the ILC. The students greeted them with a rendition of the school song. The Heritage Association then viewed the signs and flags at the school’s entrance that were made by graduating students to wish for the success of the ILC.

At the Ohara Citizens Center in the Daito district of Ichinoseki, they listened to a presentation by Jun Sasaki, executive director of the Office of Science and ILC Promotion of the Iwate Prefectural Government. Mr. Onodera, managing director of the Sendai Iwate Heritage Association (who had gone to school in the area), said, “A lot of friends gathered, and we’ve renewed our desire to plan for the realization of the ILC.”

The Heritage Association will also attend the National Mochi Summit to be held in Otemachi, Ichinoseki on November 11th.