A seminar on how to attract people to the area by honorary professors

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (July 25th edition). Read the original here.

“Attracting people to the area, and realizing the ILC” a seminar by two honorary professors from local universities was held at the Civic Gymnasium in Kozenji, Ichinoseki City on July 23rd (organized by the Committee for Seminars About the ILC). Around 80 Ichinoseki residents attended, where they learned about the significance of the ILC, which may be sited in the Kitakami mountains of Iwate, as well as the challenges surrounding it.

Leading the seminar was Prof. Takayuki Takatsuka, an honorary professor at Iwate University (doctor of engineering) and Prof. Tsunehide Chino, associate professor at Shinshu University (doctor in policy science), who has also worked as an associate professor at Iwate Prefectural University. Prof. Takatsuka said, “I get the impression that the ILC is being welcomed for its possible financial effects through new public works and construction projects, rather than its effect on research, culture, and education. But would that attitude really lead to more regional development?” He also stated, “It’s concerning that the ILC could be linked to nuclear waste disposal or storage. We must calmly look at both the positive and negative aspects (of the ILC).”

Prof. Chino talked about attracting people to the area through the cornerstones of autonomy, independence, and partnerships. He gave an example in the “Mutsu Ogawara Development Plan” of Rokkasho Village in Aomori Prefecture, which was also based around a national project and its economic effects on the rest of the area.