An ILC Exhibition in Yokohama for industry officials

The original article was published in the Kahoku Shimpo (September 8th edition). Read the original here.

An exhibition showing off the ILC project (with its candidate site in the Kitakami mountains that straddle Iwate and Miyagi prefectures) was held until September 8th at the Pacifico Yokohama in Yokohama City. Prof. Masakazu Yoshioka (visiting professor at both Tohoku and Iwate Universities) gave a speech on the ILC on September 7th, where he talked about how the ILC project was progressing and how important it was.

This was part of the “VACUUM 2017” exhibition, held by the Japan Vacuum Industry Association for industry officials, as vacuum technology is vital to the success of particle colliders. During his speech, Prof. Yoshioka said, “The ILC will be a project that leads the world. If it is realized, we will be able to propose new industries centered on the particle collider.”

At the exhibition hall, superconducting cavities and other devices that make up particle colliders were on display. There was also a popular display that used virtual reality goggles to show off the ILC and where it would be located under the Kitakami mountains.