An interview with Ties Behnke, leader of the ILD team which had its conference in Ichinoseki – “It was important to hold it at the candidate site for the ILC”

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (February 22nd edition). Read the original here.

A three-day international conference for the ILD (the detector to be used in the ILC particle collider) was held on February 20-22 in Ichinoseki. Team leader Ties Behnke, researcher at DESY, talked to the Iwate Nippo about the significance of holding the conference at the candidate site for the ILC, and his expectations going forward. (Interviewed by Takahiro Miura, Ichinoseki branch)

一Why did you decide to hold the conference in Ichinoseki City?
“We have held this meeting all over the world, but we thought it was important that researchers see the candidate site for the ILC with their own eyes, and picture what it would be like to do research at the ILC.”

―The Japanese government is currently debating whether or not to host the project.
“The ILC is such a huge project that one single country cannot do it on its own. We need international support. If Japan will take the lead and say that they will build the ILC, then the other countries will support them. But the project will not move forward if they do not take that step. I hope for them to voice their intentions this year.”

―If they don’t make a decision this year, will it be more difficult to gain international support?
“Europe will being to make its next 5-year strategy for particle physics, and the USA will follow after that. If Japan does not indicate its position then it will be much more difficult to put the ILC in those plans, and to get international support. It’s important to decide quickly.”

―What should the local area do to prepare to host for the ILC?
“The local people are very friendly, and the surrounding nature is beautiful. Ichinoseki is a compact city that would be easy to live in. However, I feel you will need to have foreign language support for various things like ordering in restaurants. But this is not an insurmountable problem, and this will also attract foreign tourists as well. This area will become known by the entire world.”