Attracting the ILC, Building Relations with European Members of Parliament: IPU Assembly at Zambia

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo. Read the original here.

The assembly for the Inter-Parliamentary Union, which has approximately 170 national parliaments and regional parliamentary assemblies as members, was held in Zambia from March 16th to 23rd, with Liberal Democratic Party House of Representatives member Shunichi Suzuki participating as the head of the group of Diet members from Japan. Mr. Suzuki, who built relationships European members of parliament towards realizing the ILC, stated his plans for the future that “I want to make use of the IPU to establish frameworks with Europe and other countries.”

The IPU has an assembly twice a year, considering issues including politics, economics and social conditions. Five Diet members in total from ruling and opposition parties attended for Japan for this assembly.

Mr. Suzuki talked individually about the ILC with German Parliament member Axel E. Fischer who expressed interest in the ILC.