Contest for the ILC! Winners to be sent on a trip to CERN

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (June 12th edition). Read the original here.

The Iwate Prefectural Government will be holding a research contest for Iwate high school students on October 26th, where students will be conducting their own research into physics, chemistry, and other sciences. The first place team will be invited on a research trip to CERN in Switzerland. They are currently calling for student participation.

The contest will be held in Morioka City and open to all high school students in Iwate, and is called, “Iwate High School Students – Science & Engineering Challenge Contest for the ILC.” Students can participate either individually or as a team of two to five students. They are able to freely decide their research theme on physics, chemistry, or engineering. Students will conduct their own research, experiments, and measurements, and present their findings on October 26th.

High marks will be given to presentations which contains suggestions or opinions about the ILC project. The team winning first place (the Governor’s Prize) will be able to participate in a research trip to CERN in March 2020.

Director Ayumi Ueno of the Office of ILC Promotion at the prefectural government said, “We are hoping for a wide variety of research from the high school students as we get closer to the realization of the ILC. I hope this becomes an opportunity for them to become involved with the ILC in the future.”

Applications have been handed out at high schools in Iwate, and applicants should complete the applications and submit them through their schools. The application deadline is on July 19th. Questions can be referred to the Office of ILC Promotion (+81 019-629-5203).