Cost-Reducing Plan to be Decided in August?

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo. Read the original here.

University of Tokyo ICEPP Special Instructor Dr. Satoru Yamashita, who holds a central role in the domestic and international discussions on the ILC project, indicated during an interview by Iwate Nippo reporters held on the 20th in Tokyo that ICFA (the International Committee for Future Accelerators) is expected to decide on a new plan that will reduce the ILC’s over 1 trillion yen construction cost. The ICFA meeting will be held in China in August.

“Currently, concrete adjustments are being made [to the plan],” Dr. Yamashita explained, saying “We are working towards a goal of reducing the cost by 30 to 40 percent [compared to the previous sum]” by improving the accelerator’s performance and reducing the facility’s length.

The ICFA is an organization that considers international cooperation on building and using high energy accelerators, and the necessarily technologies to build ultra-high energy accelerators. It is composed of influential members in the world of high energy particle physics including the directors of, and prominent researchers, from main accelerator research facilities worldwide.