Economic organizations formally request Governor of Iwate to strengthen efforts to urge the national government to realize the ILC

The original article was published in the Kahoku Shimpo (September 13th edition). Read the original here.

The Federation of Iwate Chambers of Commerce & Industry went to the Iwate Prefectural Office on September 12th to hand Governor Takuya Tasso a formal request to improve his efforts to urge the national government to realize the International Linear Collider in Iwate.

The Japanese candidate site for the ILC is in the Kitakami mountains that straddle Iwate and Miyagi prefectures, but the national government has not yet made clear its decision whether or not to host the project. The formal request asks for the national government to decide its approach for the ILC as quickly as possible.

Chair Kunihisa Yamura said, “Deliberations are deepening at the Panel of Experts set up by MEXT. I hope to further strengthen our activities with the Iwate Prefectural Government to urge the national government (to make its decision).”

Governor Tasso responded, “The ILC will contribute to the development of the region, and greatly affect all of Japan. I will cooperate with all related organizations to urge the national government, and work to prepare the area for receiving the ILC.”

Along with the formal request, the Federation also requested reconstruction support for areas struggling from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and the areas affected by 2016’s Typhoon No. 10 (Lionrock).