Emphasizing the Importance of Japan-Europe Cooperation for the ILC (Diet Member Shina, others Talk at IEEE NSS/MIC)

The original article was published in the Tanko Nichinichi. Read the original here.

A lecture was held about the International Linear Collider at IEEE NSS/MIC 2016, an international conference on radiation technology held in Strasbourg, northern France. Speakers included diet Member Takeshi Shina of the ILC diet member federation and Iwate Prefectural University President Atsuto Suzuki. The speakers asked European involved in science and technology to help form a cooperative framework or the ILC. A PR booth for the ILC by Tohoku ILC Promotion Council was also at the conference venue.

The IEEE is an electronic, electronic engineering professional association with headquarters based in the United States. Every year it holds a joint international conference on two fields: the Nuclear Science Symposium (NSS) on fundamental research using radiation and the Medical Imagining Conference (MIC) on using radiation for medical purposes. The research and expected influence of the ILC is related to both fields, and this internationally influential conference was a perfect place to present on the ILC.

The presentation on the ILC by Mr. Shina and others was held on October 31st, during the conference itself, which was from October 29th to November 5th. According to Professor Hitoshi Yamamoto of Tohoku University and Tohoku Economic Federation Industry and Economy Director Eisaku Nishiyama, who attended the event, Iwate Prefectural University President Suzuki gave an outline on the ILC and introduced Japan’s international research accomplishments. He appealed to his audience that “Japan has the accelerator technology to make the ILC a reality.”

Mr. Shina, who spoke after Dr. Suzuki, emphasized that “the Kitakami mountains are a fitting site for ILC construction,” while expressing gratitude for support efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. He related as a message from the ILC diet member federation that a US-Japan group to discuss cost reduction and other issues has been formed in the US, and that they would like discussions to extend to Europe. Mr. Shina strongly urged support quoting the words of Inabo Nitobe (who was from Morioka, Iwate): “It is my wish to serve as a bridge over the Pacific Ocean,” saying that “For the ILC, this `bridge` is being built between Japan and the US. The next step is to build the bridge between Japan and Europe.”

There was an exhibit space for businesses and others at the conference venue, and Tohoku ILC Promotion Council also had an ILC PR booth. According to Director Nishiyama, the booth attracted interested from many of the conference participants.