English lessons an opportunity to learn about the ILC

The original article was published in the Iwate Nichinichi newspaper (page 14), Wednesday, January 27, 2016.

(content of original Japanese article below translation)(1月27日付けの岩手日日新聞14ページの記事の原文が下記にあります)

The Ichinoseki College of the National Institute of Technology is holding English lessons related to the ILC and its candidate site in the Kitakami Mountains.

The lessons are for students who wish to learn more about the role of the ILC and improve their English skills, bearing in mind the international community that would be created with the ILC.

The Ichinoseki College holds English lessons every week for students interested in international exchange. Ms. Rie Shimokawa, who teaches the lessons, wondered if she could make them a chance to learn about the ILC, and Nate Hill of the city’s ILC Promotion Division has been taking part in one lesson a month since last November.

In previous lessons, Mr. Hill has explained in English how the ILC is an experimental facility which collides electrons with positrons, and that results will contribute to solving mysteries of the birth of the universe. Students have learnt more about the role of the ILC and the need for international town planning, by asking questions and offering their opinion in discussions.

On Monday, January 25, students challenged themselves with the English conversations on Ichinoseki’s ILC website. The role-plays include topics such as the “Science Cafes” and various scenes, such as one where a foreigner visits the ILC Promotion Division in the city office.

In a role-play about a foreign tourist at Ichinoseki station asking for directions to the city library, the student playing the local resident guided politely, saying: “Go straight down this street and turn right at the second traffic lights.” Mr. Hill was impressed, saying: “Very good, and good pronunciation too.”

Ms. Misato Koseki, a third-year student at the college, said: “the lessons are a good chance to learn in detail about the ILC while learning English, and by learning more about the ILC I’ve become more interested.”

The English lessons about the ILC will continue throughout the year. Ms. Shimokawa said: “I hope the lessons further international exchange and strengthen the connection between the college and the ILC. I’d be happy if students became involved in the ILC in the future.”
ILC知る機会に 一関高専 学生有志 英会話学習を継続