Enjoying the sights and cuisine of a foreign country – ILC Club of middle school students visits Geneva

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (August 1st edition). Read the original here.

The four middle school students that are part of the ILC Club (part of Iwate Nippo’s JAPAN ILC 2030 Project) arrived at Geneva International Airport in Switzerland on the night of July 30th (Japan time: July 31st). They stayed the night in a hotel within the city of Geneva, and then spent July 31st touring the city.

This year’s members are Sakura Sugawara (3rd year at Daito MS in Ichinoseki City), Yu Osakashita (3rd year at Higashi Mizusawa MS in Oshu City), Manato Sato (2nd year at Tsuchibuchi MS in Morioka City), and Wakana Hiramatsu (2nd year at Kamaishi MS in Kamaishi City).

It was a long journey – around 17 hours by plane – but the ILC Club members woke up bright and peppy at around 6 am on the 31st. After a breakfast of Geneva’s famous cheese and bread, they took a boat cruise around Lake Leman and enjoyed a great view of the city.

Ms. Sugawara said, “I’m getting to experience a different style of city and food culture than Japan’s. I hope to enjoy living life in Geneva, even if it’s only for a few days.”

The ILC Club will remain abroad until August 4th, visiting CERN and seeing the world’s most advanced science and technology.