Exalting Benefits of ILC-Related Industries: Event in Nayoga

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo. Read the original here.

“Business Network Iwate 2017 in Nagoya,” an event held by Iwate prefecture explaining the merits for businesses from central Honshu to expand to Iwate, took place on February 1st at a hotel in Nagoya City. Technology from and recent news related to the International Linear Collider were introduced to promote involvement in ILC-related industries.

Approximately 300 people and 130 companies were in attendance. Iwate Prefectural University President Atsuto Suzuki gave a lecture entitled “the International Linear Collider and Innovation,” explaining topics including the current state of particle physics research.

President Suzuki explained that various fields and cutting-edge technology had come about because of particle physics research, giving examples of particle physics knowledge being adapted to diverse fields including the internet, cancer treatments and the International Space Station. He stressed that improving the performance of accelerators used in research would increase future possibilities “for painless medical treatments, technologies to eliminate nuclear waste, reduce carbon in the atmosphere and more.”