Families participate in fun particle experiments

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (July 31st edition). Read the original here.

The “Let’s learn together about the ILC!” event was held on both July 29 and 30 at the Aeon Mall Morioka Minami in Motomiya, Morioka City, and it encourage children to dream of being involved with science.

Panels and mini-dioramas were set up in the 1F center court where people could learn about the ILC, which will be a large-scale particle collider that will search for answers to the beginnings of the universe, and be sited in the Kitakami mountains of Iwate. Tohoku University Associate Professor Tomoyuki Sanuki gave a presentation, and families learned about how interesting science can be.

There was also a learning corner where people could try elementary particle experiments through a game. Yuta Shibasaki, a 5th year student at Tsushida Elementary School, said, “It was a little difficult to understand, but I learned how fun science can be.” Enri Hirano, a 1st year student at Iwate High School, said, “I learned that there are a lot of elementary particles that we haven’t discovered yet.”