Fascination with an international city – the ILC Club middle school students visit the U.N. during their trip to Switzerland

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (August 2nd edition). Read the original here.

The four middle school students that are part of the ILC Club (part of Iwate Nippo’s JAPAN ILC 2030 Project) spent July 31st visiting the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG), and learned more about this international city that is home to more than 200 international organizations.

This year’s members are Sakura Sugawara (3rd year at Daito MS in Ichinoseki City), Yu Osakashita (3rd year at Higashi Mizusawa MS in Oshu City), Manato Sato (2nd year at Tsuchibuchi MS in Morioka City), and Wakana Hiramatsu (2nd year at Kamaishi MS in Kamaishi City). Under sunny skies, the club went around to famous spots in Geneva’s Old Town, such as St. Pierre Cathedral and the Reformation Wall, before heading to the UNOG. They learned about the Office’s role in hosting organizations like the International Labor Organization (ILO) and World Health Organization (WHO), and renewed their understanding of the quest for world peace and human rights.

All four students were in awe of the brilliantly-designed, historic building. Mr. Sato said, “I’ve seen this building on the news before, but it’s even bigger than I imagined. This was an unforgettable experience.”

The ILC Club will visit CERN on August 1st and 2nd to learn about the most advanced scientific breakthroughs in the world.