German Researchers Visit Iwate, Advise Prefecture on ILC Preparations

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo. Read the original here.

Iwate Prefecture, which is working to bring the International Linear Collider to Tohoku, invited two German researchers involved in the ILC’s design to Iwate on May 12th, giving a tour of local companies and holding an opinion exchange event. This is part of a new effort this fiscal year by the prefecture to get reference information on forming an international science city and developing multiculturally-friendly communities. The researchers provided advice on preparing this area’s education, medical and other services so researchers and their families can live in comfort.

The two researchers belong to DESY in Germany: Dr. Klaus Sinram who works on design for the ILC and its detectors, and Dr. Thomas Schoerner-Sadenius who works with the LHC in Switzerland.

About 20 people gathered in Morioka for the opinion exchange: staff from Iwate Prefecture, Oshu City, Ichinoseki City, and members of the Iwate ILC Promotion Council.

Iwate Prefecture explained local efforts for the ILC. The researchers recommend that “there should be an office open 24 hours a day where researchers and their families can go for advice and to deal with any type of problem.” They also explained the importance of providing medical care and education services in English. For moving between the research campus and related facilities, they recommended preparing a variety of transportation methods such as a shuttle bus and a car-sharing system.

Dr. Schoerner-Sadenius’s assessment: “This area is thinking of what the issues will be for bringing the ILC, and working for solutions. They are getting readier for the ILC.” On the other hand, he also pointed out, “News of these efforts in Tohoku aren’t reaching Europe,” calling for active PR efforts.

The group went to Tohoku Seimitsu in Murasakino, Kitakami City and listened to explanations of parts and metal bonding techniques used for making semiconductor manufacturing equipment. They also visited the Iwate Industrial Research Institute in Kitaioka, Morioka City.

The opinion exchange held with the researchers is part of a new project by the prefecture that will continue throughout this fiscal year. “We need to make it well known that Iwate is ready for the ILC. We’ll collaborate with those involved to work on concrete solutions,” commented Senior Executive Director Odaira of Iwate Prefecture.