Getting closer to the mysteries of the universe, and drawing a future picture of Iwate – the ILC Club visits CERN in Switzerland

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (August 8th edition). Read the original here.

The ILC Club was created to broaden the science aspirations of Iwate middle school students, and this year’s group of 4 students spent 6 days in Geneva, Switzerland visiting CERN and other institutions. They observed an advanced particle physics laboratory and met many researchers. They were excited to hear more about the large-scale international efforts that seek the answers to the universe’s mysteries, and got to think more about the future of Iwate, which is hoping to host the ILC.

This year’s members are Sakura Sugawara (3rd year at Daito MS in Ichinoseki City), Yu Osakashita (3rd year at Higashi Mizusawa MS in Oshu City), Manato Sato (2nd year at Tsuchibuchi MS in Morioka City), and Wakana Hiramatsu (2nd year at Kamaishi MS in Kamaishi City).

At CERN, they observed particle physics research and laboratories with particle accelerators that smash elementary particles at high energies. They were impressed by the scale of the Large Hadron Collider, a circular collider with a 27 km circumference around 100 meters underground. They were also amazed that this hub of international science is host to around 13,000 researchers from around 77 countries.

In Geneva, they also visited the United Nations Office at Geneva, the Geneva University Hospital, and the International Red Cross Museum. They also saw the historic buildings and charm of Geneva’s Old City, rode well-developed public transport like the trains and buses, and enjoyed gorgeous scenery like Lake Leman and the Swiss Alps. Now they know an international city where researchers from around the world make their lives.

The ILC Club is part of Iwate Nippo’s Japan ILC 2030 project started in 2016 to commemorate 140 years since paper’s founding.

The ILC Club will go on to give presentations and appearances at symposiums where they will talk about their experience.

Geneva – Beautiful nature and culture, and a modern city that embraces history

The second largest city in Switzerland, Geneva is home to 185,000 people and is surrounded by beautiful nature. It has developed as a city home to many international institutions like the United Nations Office.

Geneva is located by the southernmost point of Lake Leman, the largest lake in Switzerland, with the Jura mountains and Mt. Saleve closeby. On a small hill near the Mont Blanc Bridge is the old city with its many stone buildings. The ILC Club visited Place du Bourg-de-Four and St. Pierre Cathedral in order to experience the special atmosphere.

The center of the city boasts a prosperous history based on the Swiss watch industry, and there are many luxury watch shops. Geneva is also known as the birthplace of the Red Cross, and the International Red Cross Museum is a very popular tourist spot. It is truly an international city, with beautiful nature, history, rich culture, and modern services.