Hanamaki Agricultural High School shows off their own products and the ILC in Tokyo

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (January 17th edition). Read the original here.

Five 2nd year students from Hanamaki Agricultural High School (in Kuzu, Hanamaki City) underwent sales training in Ginza, Tokyo on January 16th at the Iwate Prefectural antenna shop “Galaxy Plaza.” Along with practicing how to sell their own products, they also gave presentations on the International Linear Collider, which Iwate is striving to get sited in the prefecture.

Students from the Biological Science course and the Food and Agricultural Science course attended. They affixed ILC logo marks on 10 types of products – apple juice, jam, rice, and more. They handed out ILC leaflets with each purchase.

Yutaka Ikeda, a man from Tsukuba City in Ibaraki who bought some apples, said, “These products are all natural and additive-free, plus they’re cheap. It’s good for students to work hard for their home regions.”

Wataru Komorita, a student in the Biological Science course, was quite satisfied with the event. “I was nervous, but I was really happy that they bought the apples that I grew.”

This sales training was started this year as a part of the school’s designation as an ILC Promotion Model School for Iwate.